Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Day

We are under a blanket of snow! and school is cancelled for today!! YIPPPEEE.
We were quite skeptical since the last time they called for 100% snow it didn't even the kids and the parents were very excited to wake up to find a winter wonderland surrounding us.

Ribbit has been asking "when is it gonna snow?" and reminding us that "we live in Texas so it doesn't snow that much here" for several days now. She was quite easily the most excited one of us all. She said "God brought the snow and we have to remember to ask him to clean our hearts :)".

We went up the school and used trash can lids and cardboard to sled down the huge hills into the football field. The kids had a great time and were asking for more but after an hour we had to stop because Baby Boy had a full diaper and cheeks were really red....and Ribbit's lips were cracked and bleeding :). I think they will take good naps today!!

After they wake up I'm gonna take them to see Frozen. We aren't your normal stay inside when it snows family...we drive carefully and get out in it. Adam is working on the bathroom remodel today and tomorrow since all of his basketball games and outings were cancelled!

Lately Baby Boy has been saying " MMMEE TOOOO" after almost everything the big kids say...he wants to be in the thick of it. He is running at lightning speed, and can go faster than I can on a scooter. He is still our biggest cuddler and loves to wrap himself around you and squeeze you until he shakes. He sings "jesus loves me" and says "he is strong" very passionately. He still sleeps with us about 3/4 of the night, every night. However, he has started sleeping around our waist which is so much easier on Adam and I. A foot to the shin is taken much easier than a foot to the gut in the middle of the night! He loves all things monkey, train and bball (every sport is bball to him!)

Ribbit has been singing "feliz navitod" (feliz navidad) a lot....and "rain rain go away, the old man is boring, he went to bed, he bumped his head and didn't get up in the morning (a combo of two songs) a lot!! She loves to sing and she doesn't want anyone to sing with her...she always ask me to start off "rudolph" but once she gets the rhythm then I am ordered to stop singing at once. She is doing much better at school..9 stickers in a row...WHEW HEW!! She cries nightly for either Uncle Chris, CiCi or Lolly. She will ask you the same question about 9 times in a row until you either a)give her the answer she is looking for or b) give her a long explanation that is too boring for her to pay attention to. She changes about 9 times a day and has great fashion sense!

Goober has been doing a lot of football watching lately with dad and is getting to where he can have a conversation about it. He loves playing the cardgame WAR with mom and is pretty good at making forts for him and the babies to play in. He is the best eater and compliments every dinner I make him...even if its just ramen noodles :). HE LOVES CILANTRO rice and asks me to make it constantly. He eats ALL the time and has 2nds at almost every dinner. He had a really rough day when Uncle Chris left..he cried at least 5 times throughout the day and at 10:00 that night came out of his room saying how worried he was that Uncle Chris would wreck. Good Byes are so much harder on him ....not sure if that is because of his past or how much he loves his Uncle's constantly wresting, football playing and love :). I also brought up a work that triggered a memory of his past and it reminded him of his birth mom. He said he couldn't stop thinking about memories and that his heart felt like it was beating to fast...needless to say we had a long good cry that night and he slept with momma that night (oh and later Baby Boy joined us). Poor Adam, he is getting used to musical beds every night!

We are almost completely done shopping for Christmas...I got a huge chunk done on Black now we just need to wrap, label and pack it all for the long trip to Alabama coming up in 2 weeks!

Pictures from a wedding of one of our dearest friends here in Texas....we love Debbie and we were so happy for her and Jim!!! (in the white wedding dress on the left and Adam on the far right doing a totally different dance :)
 Some of our closest friends from work...I am so glad we get to have the same group of friends everywhere we go now :) The couple right beside Adam and I both also work at our school!
The hubs and I
Sweet sweet friends..the one in the black and white to the right of me is also our neighbor!!!
I could stare at this picture all day. Ribbit looks so grown up and so BEAUTIFUL in this picture. This was at her friends princess birthday was her first party by herself. She went with our friends since we were heading to the wedding. She cried as we left which broke my heart but we heard she had a great time!
Sometimes Goober and I go on ice cream dates....he is so sweet about figuring out which flavors taste the best and reminding me that we are alike when it comes to our favorite I normally just follow him around and get exactly what he never disappoints!
Ribbit is always helping me STIR things..she drags a chair over and goes to town!

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