Monday, March 4, 2013


Yesterday we had a big ole combo birthday for Adam and Baby Boy. You have to celebrate turning 30 and you HAVE to celebrate turning 1....and in all honesty it helped Adam turn 30, made it a little easier on him to have his cute little 1 year old by his side. We had church friends come, our neighbors, seminary friends, work friends and EVEN ALABAMA FAMILY!!!! Yup, Sarah and Doug and sweet Caroline drove up and stayed with us for the party. My kids LOVE Caroline, a little too all up in her face all the time love. She is in an only child (not for long) so hopefully she will be used to it next time and won't cry when Ribbit starts coming at her :). We also had Ross and Susie, our Auburn friends who live like 10 minutes away and yet we never see....geesh, we are awful friends.

Anyways, it was lots of fun. We talked and ate and bounced and beat up a pinata and ate some more. Since naps were not a part of the schedule yesterday we all had meltdowns around 7ish and everyone went to bed a little early.

Today Adam and I are headed to a comedy was Adam's valentines day present from me. We are going to see Tim Hawkins, a christian comedian, who from the clips we have seen, looks pretty stinking hilarious. I am not easily impressed with jokes so if Tim gets me going then you know he is good!!!

Recent Quotes from my children:

Ribbit (in a mean voice, ninja stance, evil face) "DO NOT COME BACK TO THE VAN WITHOUT GOOBER"...and then stomped her foot. We stopped watching Eon Kid after that since that is a common phrase for Grandmother Orange to say .

Ribbit  (mommy voice, mommy hand on hip stance) "If you break de rules, we cannot fix de rules". So there.

Goober " Its not really bad though if you pafitti about God. (meaning graffiti)

Goober " mom, do you want me to be a football player or an artist, and don't think about how much I will get hurt when you answer". "mom do you want me to go Auburn or A&M and don't say that I'm not allowed to go anywhere else but Auburn".

Goober "are you going to the store in that? look homeless" --- I was in sweats and a t-shirt :).

Pictures from the Party .....I like these first few b/c its very true to how our mornings run. We get more done before 7:30 in the morning then most people do all day :)...including trying on our mustaches :).

I like this picture b/c some decor for the party is out, some not. You can also see the green shelf in the foyer Adam made for me and our handprint painting that has all the important dates in our family on it with a quote underneath that says " what a difference a day can make".

Trying out our disguises for the party.

The seat of honor....

We "mustache"you to take one...

Birthday Boy Banner....

Birthday Boy Hats...including a ridiculously big one for the 30 year old :)

More pictures to come!!!

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