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Thursday, February 28, 2013


We have been celebrating like crazy around here lately....thats okay with me!

Baby Boy turned 1 on Sunday and we loved on him all day long. He wore his "Im One derful" outfit that Lolly got him to church with a special birthday bib on. I told everyone we saw and I think his siblings kissed him 100 times more than normal (which is already a lot). It was a low key day and we just stayed at home with each other. 

Adam turned 30 the very next day. Its really fun to call him old, I'm sure he will return the favor in 1.5 years :). We let him pick where he wanted to eat that night and we wound up at a mexican joint that we had never been to. IT WAS GOOOOAAAAWWWDDDD!!!! We stuffed our faces, had complimentary ice cream and tortillas with honey on them and still brought home 3 to go boxes. I think we have found our 2nd favorite mexican place :). It was also a pretty low key day. 

However, this weekend we are having a big combo MUSTACHE are all invited :). 

I'm super stoked, I've been cutting out mustaches, renting bounce houses, getting sweets together and decorating the house :). Adam and Baby Boy ( yes, I know you can see his name in the invitation but its too stinking cute not to post.....and Adam said I could :)) already share such a sweet bond and now they will celebrate their birthdays together!!!  Our two older kiddos are super excited about the party too....for one reason...the bounce house is being delivered on Friday is on Saturday.... ALL THAT BOUNCING TIME!!!!

I also wanted to post Baby Boy's dedication pictures too....I cleaned out my email account today now that his adoption is final and remembered that I never posted them. 

I think this might be my new favorite family picture :)
Look at the cuteness of my 3 children....oh dear goodness, they got their good looks from Adam and their sass from me :)

Up on stage....I had a death grip on Ribbit after the almost dove off the 10 foot stage trying to see "all de people". That's our wonderful pastor, the one she tried to out do praying :)

Once again it may be a while before I post. Our week has looked like this. 

Monday-mom work day, Dad work nights (building fences, painting, puttingin walls), celebrate Adam's bday
Tuesday-Mom work day, Dad work night, Goober violin lesson, Mom Baby Shower late night
Wednesday-Mom work day, Dad work night, Mom and Dad bible study late night
Thursday-Mom work day, Dad work night, Dad late night men's bible study, Goober 2nd grade program (he has a solo :)
Friday-Clean house for party....actually hang out together :)
Saturday-PARTAY, Ribbit ballet class
Sunday-church, Mom and Dad comedy show (vday present to each other)

Sooooooo, if and when I am free I will post again :)

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