Friday, February 15, 2013


Today was a whirlwind... of love and candy and stuffed animals and cards and ballet and parties and homework and lots and lots of snot.

My kids pretty much ate sugar all day long, came home and let their sugar explode all over the house and then allowed that sugar to take control of them during bed time. It was awesome, I didn't even flip out during Ribbit's bedtime meltdown b/c I was prepared for this since she woke me up at 6:30 on the dot this morning.

Goober gave us a contraption this morning for our valentine present. It was two pencils, two colored pencils and A WHOLE BUNCH OF TAPE surrounding a piece of paper. Once we got through the tape layer there was a track inside for Adam and I :)...he was showing us the greatest love by making sure we were believers and that we had asked Christ to live inside and be Lord of our lives. It was a little comical but of course we showered him with kisses for our track.

Ribbit started ballet tonight and her teacher couldn't praise her was sooo stinkin adorable. Her panties were wayyy to big and stuck out of her leotard and tights at least 3 inches all the way around. She watched her teacher carefully and with a 5 second delay did everything she did. She clapped for herself when she did 3 flips in a row. She was very proud when her teacher praised her "crabwalk" and therefore sped it up times 10 and crabwalked like a maniac for a while, knocking down other little girls :).

Mr. Man is just a walking. Everywhere. He loves walking, if he falls he pushes himself right back up and walks again. Today, Adam brought us all lunch at school and baby boy had everyone's attention...walking up and down the cafeteria calling everyone " DA TY". He is super intrigued with lights and love to point them out when we walk into a new room. He also loves turning the lightswitch off and on.

Here are some more pictures from our cruise.....

We had a mini celebration for Adam's upcoming birthday while on our vacation..

Goober loved coming back to the room at night and checking out the new towel animal....and and eating all the chocolates.
I got up early one morning and walked the ship by is a good picture of the younger kiddo pool with slide. On the other side of that slide is a toddler sprinkler area. The pool we mainly stayed at was farther up on the ship and had a movie theater feel and was deeper.
Pirate night!!! We had a party on the top deck that night with dancing and the Disney characters. Mickey ziplined across the ship and we finished with fireworks!

I'll post more later...definitely time for bed!!!

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