Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cozumel -Disney Cruise

So the one port of our cruise was Cozumel. Adam and I had never been there so we had NO clue what to expect. He and Goober went on an excursion with Disney to ride through the jungles on Dune Buggies and then wade through some caverns...real manly stuff. I decided to take advantage of the one time of the year that I will get time to myself and sun bathe while reading back on the ship....I had the whole place to myself :). I read 2 chapters of "The Help"...I probably wont' finish it until our next cruise...and then the clouds came out. So, what should a single gal do?...thats right, get off the ship and walk through downtown Cozumel by myself. This sounds like the worst decision I have ever made but I did find a family I recognized from the ship and sorta kinda followed them. Just like I do every time we go to Israel I made friends with the local shop owners, spent time looking at everything they had, bargained the snot out of them, had some free beverages and just meandered around. Adam would have been furious with me, he says I talk to people to much, especially in foreign countries...haha...he instructs me not to even make eye contact with them...but by the time they got back from their excursion I had made several friends to take them to meet :).

We ate lunch at Margaritaville....it was sooo neat. You basically sat right beside the beach and ate...we got splashed several times during our meal. There was a balloon artist who adorned us and we let Goober choose whatever he wanted. Of course he and Adam got "cheeseburgers in paradise" and I got wings. The weather was amazing , we had a nice view of the ocean and our boat and the service was fast since it was a late lunch.

After that we went back to the shops and let Goober and Adam pick out some souvenirs...I just followed and waved to my new friends :).

I can't think about our cruise without thinking about the Carnival ship that was stuck out in the water for days. I mean our toilet clogged one night and having to use the shared ones was awful enough..imagine not having any potties and smelling all that rotten food....DIS GUS TING!!

Getting back on the boat with all of our loot and balloon objects.
Goober did this for Papaw.....and so that mom and dad could spend their last little bit of cash in Cozumel :)

In the lobby of Margaritaville. Yes, Goober is pretending to cut my throat.
Kiddo and Cheeseburger in paradise!!
To get an idea of the view....see Adam on the far right at our table?
Showing off our balloon accessories...my flower, Goob's sword and Adam's parrot with our ship in the background.

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