Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Disney Pt. 2

This post has taken 3 days to get published since we are all dealing with sinus/snot/booger problems :)

We kinda needed a vacation after our vacation. Life hit hard and heavy when we got back. We looked over our calender and noticed that there is only 1 day without anything going on....and then someone texted us work for Adam and there went that day.

Some fun things this month and next are ....
Feb. 7th-Goober and Ribbit's 2 year Homecoming Anniversary
Feb. 14th-VDay
Feb. 22nd- Baby Boy's Adoption
Feb. 24th-Baby Boy's 1st Birthday!
Feb. 25th-Adam's 30THHHHHHHH....he will be so happy with me for posting that :)
March 9th-Baby Boy's 1 year Homecoming Anniversary

In between all that we have a 3 day conference at church, my school is hosting the district art meet, Adam is helping our school build sets and helping many other people fix up their homes and Goober is getting ready for a school play with a solo :)....oh and 2 valentine day parties and 2 birthday parties ...YAY!!!!!

Goober has continued to wear his shark tooth necklace from Cozumel every day and tell everyone he meets about his dune buddy riding experience with Adam.

Here are some pictures from our trip..minus the ones from the disposable camera that have yet to be developed.

2nd dinner at 10:30 while watching a 3D movie.....he was stoked!

He loved this game b/c it took your picture before you started racing :)

This was the big screen out by the pools...I believe we watched 3 movies from this area.

We got up early one morning and had the hot tub ourselves while we watched Aladdin.

Our good friend Pluto, or as Ribbit says "Pluto the puppy"

Its really him....MICKEY MOUSE!!!

Our 2nd night of dining ...right outside Animators Palette.

more to come...

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