Friday, March 8, 2013

People we love

Here are some pictures of the many many people that make up our TX family....

These are our neighbors, my co-worker, my students and our babysitter...we LOVE this family!!
One of our good friends from church....and one of the first friends we made at our church over a year ago!
Our lovely rebel (wearing his mustache upside down) friend, who is married to one of our best friends and whom we consider family!!!
One of my besties and the closest thing I have to family  in TX is this sweet lady and her sweet daughter....and another little one on the way :) THANKS AGAIN FOR DRIVING UP HERE AND STAYING WITH US WILDES!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Our other neighbors, who we LOVE LOVE LOVE.....our sons are inseparable and we take care of one another, laugh with one another, worship with one another and hope we never have to part ways with each other!!!
                                                       Momma Neighbor
The two mommas!

                                                         Goober and Brother Neighbor
                                           (by the way, I LOVE this picture....such little gentlemen)
                                                         Daddy Neighbor
                                          Sister Neighbor and our mutual friend in background :)

Wasn't everyone such good sports about wearing their staches?

Our children ran around crazy at the party and we barely got the 5 of us together to sing Happy Birthday, I actually don't think I saw Ribbit around for the cake at all. Regardless, here are the 2 birthday boys and Mom....all rocking mustaches!!!

                                                     I "mustache" you, aren't we CUTE!!!!

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