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Sunday, March 17, 2013

What's going on

Here are some pictures to help you understand why I have been absent....

Baby Boy had surgery this past Thursday....he acted very brave and sweet before.....doesn't he look so grown up here?

I still had to get in as many kisses as I could before he went back.
Right after this they gave him his first round of anesthesia and he started getting tired and giggly. Then we laid him in the little crib, he sat up and they wheeled him off, all the while he was carefree.

Out of surgery, the next morning, with a battle scar. He did great ...the doctor got the whole cyst out and told us that what we were seeing (a large bump on eyebrow) was only a third of the cyst..the rest was growing into his bone. It will heal very quickly now, especially since he is so young. Right after surgery he was very lethargic and scared me to the point where I almost dropped him. He was gulping apple juice and downing popsicles before we left the hospital and got home and went to crawling. Since this picture his eye is a little less swollen and his stitches are a little less bloody. 

It felt a little weird to not travel anywhere for Spring Break this year but we got SOOOO much done!!! Got all the kids winter clothes put away and summer wardrobes out. Got all the kids clothes/toys that they have outgrown tagged for an upcoming consignment sale. Adam worked every day of this week and made some good money--especially since I was home and there was no childcare cost. We got our taxes done and sent in. We got our home clean to host a St. Patty's Day party tomorrow night for our Sunday School class. We went to a birthday party, took the kids to a German restaurant, spent lots of time swinging outside, taking walks, watched some movies, had a campout and loved on one another. 

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