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Friday, March 29, 2013

Some thoughts

I've been super busy lately....after I get home from school Adam leaves to go to work and then when the kids go to bed I have about 4 running projects (all of which have the same deadline). Therefore not too much blogging....except when I can't stop thinking about something.

I decided to post this on my blog instead of on Facebook since people can/are soooo mean on one really wants to hear others opinions anyways....especially if it leaves us feeling guilty or convicted ...myself included.

Today many of my friends posted the equal sign for their Facebook profile picture, representing their thoughts on gay people having equal rights in marriage. The world tells me that if I don't " feel" for these people who only want to have the same rights as Adam and I do then I am narrow minded, selfish and perhaps even a radical Christian. The world tells me that God wants everyone to " feel" happy, regardless of what that looks like. The world says that gay people can't help how they "feel".

I strongly believe that we have to stop living and acting by what we "feel" and focus on what the Bible says, instructs, commands, teaches. If we all live according to our own fleshly desires and feelings then I'm gonna pray ten times longer every night for the world that my children will grow up in.  I'm not sure why following Gods commands is deemed as such narrow minded thinking anyways. I'm constantly torn between my feelings for gay people....having 2 in my own family....I love them ...the same way i love my other family members, maybe even more obviously too,......but I pray that God breaks them to the point where they are forced to face their sin and run back to His grace. On a simpler note I'm torn daily between acting out according to how I feel and behaving in a manner that is parallel with the bible....example: road rage, discipline with my children, reacting to a comment from a co-worker, etc. Therefore, instead of being narrow minded I am constantly being made aware of how hard it is to live according to Gods word.......but instead of acting on my feelings I have to make a CHOICE, a DAILY CHOICE. Even if I "feel" like others should have every chance to find happiness, I KNOW that the only way to find true JOY, ETERNAL LOVE is through Christ and the FREEDOM he gives us through his word.

This post took me 3 days to write because I do love several people who are gay or who support gay marriage and I didn't want to offend anyone. In the same breath though I will not deny my faith and I do 100% believe that the Bible defines marriage as "1 woman and 1 man"... Not our watered down version of marriage which is two people who make each other happy for any given length of time.

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