Monday, March 18, 2013


We just had 7 couples from our church over for a scavenger hunt/St. Patty's Day party. We, as usual ended up with all the guys in one room, girls in another....but regardless we had a great time and I am so thankful for our TX family. We really do love our church and as I stood talking with new and old friends (we had a new person come to sunday school today and she came back tonight for our party) it was fun to talk about our kids, upcoming events, how we decorate our houses, houses on the market, all the things that we need sounding boards for. I think the best thing about the night was that I have a history of over a year with most of these girls and they were reminding me how this time last year we were settling in with a new baby and how much of a stomach punch it was...not Baby Boy himself but just experiencing a Newborn. It's nice to have people invested in your life...really nice.

We start back to school to quote Goober " I wish we had another 3 weeks off". I really can't wait until summer...I had the kids to myself most days while Adam worked and even though there were chaotic moments I ate up every bit of it. Doesn't someone want to pay me to stay at home and play with my kids?....anyone?....last chance?. Okay, well if not then doesn't someone want to pay my husband gobs of money so I can stay at home with my kids and play?....anyone?...last chance? :)

I'm going to dump some of my phone pictures from the last 2 months on here and go pack some school lunches, iron a shirt and work on a Goober's Disney scrapbook :)

Ribbit started ballet/tap/gymnastics. Don't worry its a 1 hour class, with 20 mins devoted to each area. She does amazing, listens to her teacher, follows along, doesn't whine for me like all the other little darlings in her class :)
Goober had his 2nd grade production of the Old Testament. I was so impressed with how much he memorized....18 verses, 3 songs, 1 singing solo and 3 speaking solos. He's in the green on the front row. I will upload videos another day.
Baby Boy on his 1 year old birthday. Don't they book look handsome? Baby Boy actually let me straighten his hair that day .....hehe, Adam didn't like that but he stood there, still as anything and let me do it....he loved it.
Me with my Mr. "One"derful!! Don't ask about my hair, it involves Adam, two boxes of hair color and an extra long Downton Abby has lightened up now.....I'm sure glad that this day was also picture day at school....AWEEEE SOME!!
This picture captures everything that Goober LOVES---birthday parties, bounce houses, cake, ice cream and his football clothes :)
Yo, Yo, Yo my name is Ribbit, and this is what I put on when mommy tells me to get dressed for dinner (she was naked). She is wearing her valentine's day crown, fun run glasses, vest that she was wearing in the 1st picture I ever got of her (therefore I will never throw it away and yes it is size 18m and she is 3), her gray skirt that she loves and her stompeez that she must wear at all times indoors.
This rarely happens, only when we are crunched for time or if Goober begs for it. This is the only picture I got where Baby Boy isn't gulping down bath water, Ribbits hair isn't wiped across her face and Goober isn't covering his chest with both hands because he doesn't want "the camera to see his body". :)
Another picture from Baby Boy's adoption. He was pretty smitten with our attorney and kept yelling at him and making sure he was doing the paperwork right ;)

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