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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Heading to Alabama tomorrow

We are so excited to head down south tomorrow after school. My sweet cousin is marrying his high school sweetheart and we are glad that it all worked out for us to be able to attend. This is a long weekend for our school so we ended up not needing to take off any days! The kids are ready to see grandparents and we are all ready for some hugs!! PLUS I GET TO SEE MY LITTLE BROTHER...Chris is officiating the wedding.....Its going to be a great weekend!!!

My Boys....
Since I am home with the boys while Adam is with Ribbit at gymnastics I thought I would share some of their answers to these questions.

Favorite subject in school
Goober-TX History
Little Man-Motor Lab

Favorite Sport
Little Man-Baseball (he answered first!!)

Favorite Food
Goober-French fries
Little Man-Hamburger
Are these my paleo children talking?

Favorite Movie
Little Man-Petes Dragon (we just saw this)

Favorite outdoor activity
Little Man-Football

Favorite Book
Goober-Bot Wars
Little Man-I read my robot book with that mouse and the bad guys who try to take over the house.

Favorite Song-
Goober-THATS HOW I KNOW (Christian rap song that we all dance to!)
Little Man-Frozen (hehe)

Favorite Memory with Family
Goober-archey at the camp out
Little Man-Hiking and finding deer pellets

Favorite School Friend
Goober-Luke and Jaxon (great kids!!)
Little Man-Max and Mason (twins at school) and Lacy and Collins (two girls that he loves!!!)

Favorite Holiday
Little Man-Halloween because it sounds like Holiday

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Goober-Football Player or a Movie Conductor?? ( I think he meant producer)
Little Man-A Hamburger?, a hamburger server

Some of our recent life in pictures

Hands in after a great game of baseball!

Awful lighting but Top Golf with our Sunday School class!

Another great birthday party. The birthday girl wanted me to lead her friends through a Rainbow Unicorn painting :).

I was desperately hoping for some cooler weather so I roasted a ton of veggies and threw them on top of a salad. YUM!

We rode up the school and picked sweet potato leaves from the garden for our dinner. They were quite argula!

Sweet potato greens and zucchini cooked in bacon grease. Tilapia and avocado on the right...YUM

They love running in to show off the eggs they find after school every day. Ribbit was so excited that she dropped her chapel jumper!!HAHAHA

Raku Fire day with my Ceramics 1 and 2 class. LOOK HOW BUSY THEY ARE. I couldn't love this class more, they want to work...all day every day...they want more class time, they come in after and before school ...they come in during tutorial and they are truly a joy to be around. I almost passed out that day from all the activity and the HEAT!!!

Beautiful, shy, lovable Audrey's platter....... who I have taught and coached since she was in 7th grade.

My sweeet swweett Gretel who I have taught and coached since 7th grade. Her raku pieces are beautiful and delicate!

My sweet, silent but crazy funny Madi...she is so creative and such a hard worker. I have coached and taught her since 7th grade too!

Zak, one of my Ceramics 1 kiddos who loves clay and loves to ask questions...he is also a fantastic hockey player!

My girls helping each other smolder out the pieces.

A delicious dinner or roasted carrots, eggs, avocado and turkey breast!

Peeling apples to make apple pie on Apple Day!!

Snuck a peek at him in the library..he loves going and choosing a new book to read!

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