Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cheer Oil :)

Good Morning!!!!!

I wanted to share a personal breakthrough we have had in our home using oils. My youngest was having a very hard year. His teacher, along with Adam and I were constantly frustrated. He loves learning but has so much energy that self control was hard. He also lives in 6th grade boy world, with his older brother, and uses phrases and smack talks just like a 6th grader that was complicating things.
My oily friend and I were running on Saturday morning and God spoke through that time to both of us. He needed to form a physical bond with that teacher as that is his love language. He also needed to feel like he was in control of his behavior.
So, Sunday afternoon we sat down and he smelled all of my oils. He chose one that he loves the scent of (whisper) and we mixed that with some peppermint in a roller bottle. We labeled it his "cheer" that he would want to cheerfully obey God and obey his teacher.
On Monday morning we showed his teacher how to roll it on his forehead and wrist. After that they would hug and she would say "Now you are ready to be who God has made you to be".
HE LOVED IT. We not only get emails from his teacher daily about his great behavior but also his elective teachers on his transformation.
I think its more about feeling empowered to take control of any situation...which is why I love the oils. I don't fear when I hear there is a virus going around. I don't fear when my kids have a fever. I don't freak out and rearrange my day when I wake up with a headache. We go to the oil box and see what we can use to heal it.
I am beyond thankful for a safe, side-effect free way to heal and encourage my family!!!

Update-that was two weeks ago. Yesterday morning at his parent teacher conference she said that getting his oils on is part of his morning routine and she loves starting the day with his oils!

I love this picture. Its a birthday party and the girs are posing and Little Man is giving shots :)

Oh those sweet girls!!! and boy!

Ribbit and Goober came with my LHS group to serve refugees family at a community outreach.

They were so helpful and when we got in the car Goober said "Mom, i was so hungry the whole time but I didn't want to say anything because those people don't get a lot of food"

Ribbit handing out zucchini

Zucchini, arugula, eggs and salsa

She sure does look cute when we head to American Heritage Girl meetings!

Roasted chicken, zucchini and carrots. YUM

Mommy, look what I did to my hair!!

A sweet picture from her teacher!

9th grade field trip to the Kimbell Art Museum...A LOVELY DAY

Teddy bear Parade!

Family Campout for AHG and Trail Life...such a sweet time for us..we spent some alone time in our tent singing silly songs as a family..a memory I will always treasure!

Earning their archery badge

He is lefthanded but shoots so well using his right hand!

Earned her badge too!

Rock painting with the girls!

Making tye dye shirts! They turned out beautiful!

A true hike..complete with barb wire, old stairs and waterfalls!

Earning his camp cooking badge

Ribbit and her sweet friend playing in the tall grass

The boys playing tag

Bedtime in the tent!

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