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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Inside Outside

I love listening to Little Man talk as he gets dressed. He always ask us " Am I putting this on inside outside?"....or "Look how big I am" or " I only need to grow this much (holds up fingers) and I will be as big as bubba!". Little Man's baseball games are a toss up between super annoying as he is much more interested in the dirt and writing words in the air with his fingers .....and being completely cute as he is overly dramatic about every point they score and slides into every base, not having any clue where the baseball is currently at.

Ribbit is on a kick of telling us when we are wrong. We must not say "I am starving"...because starving means you have not eaten in a long time and we in fact have eaten.
She also loves wearing her hair in fun different ways with bows and headbands...she is a walking wardrobe. She definitely  has her own style. She loves reading and reads several books at once, sounding out huge words and laughing at herself.

Goober loves MOVING. He is either riding his ripstick, scooter, bike, throwing a football, wrestling, dancing (oh yeah), shooting bows and arrros or playing a team sport. Therefore he is always covered in scabs, bruises and dirt...i mean the boys needs 3 showers a day and we are doing good to get 1. I am teaching some after school drawing classes and he is one of my best students by far..he loves drawing architecture and shading.

We are all working hard on badges for AHG and Trail Life, the kids are learning a lot. We are all working on the yard, setting out hay for the chickens, decorating for Fall and loving the cool weather.

God has really been speaking to our family over a series on Jacob and Esau that we are studying in Sunday birthrights were stolen, the idea of forgiveness, family love, how parents shouldn't have favorites, how God used a very dysfunctional family as a part of his rescue plan for the world, ....Genesis is such a fascinating book and I could read and read and read it and never once be bored.

This is the whole family (minus Aunt Micah and baby Levi) at my cousins beautiful wedding!

Little Man, Papa and Jad doing their thing.

Uncle Chris and Daddy doing their thing..watching Auburn as close as they can to the TV, over reacting to everything and smack talking....i secretly love it!

Practicing archey with Papas bow.

We scooped out pumpkin guts, roasted the seeds and made clean pumpkin bread with was sooo stinkin good!

Walking home from church...Ribbit got a ride.

My sweet cousin Mason and my little brother, who was officiating the wedding...everyone was in tears ..Mason was sooo nervous.

The lovely bride coming in!

Beautiful sunny day, beautiful couple!

Getting our dancing on!!!!

I think we danced the whole time ;) dancing with my kiddos...I have a lot more pictures but they wouldn't upload this morning!

They really wanted to run to the we RAN...took our picture and RAN back to dance some more!


Mason cooked all the food for his own wedding and Goober LOVED it!

I am so proud of my little brother and how he desires to serve Christ in all that he does.

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