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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pray for Collins!

Life is happening. We are in the thick of baseball ..with 3 games alone this week-one of those is a make-up game. Good thing these are 4 year olds who make watching 3 hours of baseball super FUN!!! We get all kinds of emtions from tantrums to cheering that they ran backwards around the bases...oh and snacks, no matter if they win or lose there are always snacks at the end.

We are busy leading girls and boys in Trail Life and AHG too. We have been focusing on "Our Flag" badge and Ribbit can tell you everything about the flag, its history and our national anthem and pledge. She knows how to be in the color guard in a flag ceremony and how to display the flag in every situation. We are working on our rockets badge next!

The boys are working on getting started as Adam is starting the first troop. They want to build their own flag stands and of course all Goober currently cares about is archery, camping and paintball!

We have been to more weddings in the past 2 weeks then in the past 2 years and each one has been filled with lots of great friends and family...dancing (lots of dancing) and good food.

Our main focus this week has been on Collins, Baby Boy's best friend. You have seen pictures of Collins on the blog several times...she was with us in PK3, she takes karate with us and we requested that we stay with her in PK4. Her parents have become our good friends and they were starting the foster care route when....Collins cancer came back. She had a Wilms tumor removed last year did some radiation. At her routine scan (every 3months) last Friday they found 2 more tumors in her left lung. Friday was hard....everyone cried, everyone prayed. We had just gone on a field trip Thursday and Kim (collins mom) and I held our kiddos on hay rides, ran after them together in the corn maze, ate lunch outside and compared how big they both were to the extra large pumpkins. We couldn't get over how much Collins hair had grown and how it was starting to curl...and then Friday happened.
The whole school community prayed over Collins and she had surgery yesterday morning to remove both tumors. Ribbit and Baby Boy went and played with Collins in the morning before her surgery, hoping to distract her as the surgery time got pushed back from 8:45 to 10:15 and then 11:15. Adam prayed over her parents and took care of their dog. Its hard when your friends are hurting and you want to physically help them but you know the best thing you can do is PRAY FOR THEM. You know it....but its hard to just do that and let God work. I just got off the phone with Kim and Collins is blowing the doctors away with her quick recovery and is starting to want to eat and sit up. She loves that she is "gettin more toys" and having lots of visitors. Please pray for our sweet friend as she now faces 6-9 months of hard radiation and chemo this time as well. Please pray for her parents Kim and Clint and their little girl.

Mommy/Daughter date at Six Flags....little thing was in charge the whole day and we rode all of the little rides several times through!!

We trick or treated with the Looney Tunes gang.

We had to ride every pretty horse on the carousel!!!

See our Cheer Oil Day?

In Alabama, digging the deepest hole with CiCi.

You can't visit Uncle Chris without wrestling.

They didn't know what to do with both sets of grandparents around. We made all kinds of beauty products with essential oils!

Lavender Lemon chapstick! I AM IN LOVE!!!

Making deodorant....smells so good I want to lick my armpit!

We made chapstick, face moisturizer, mouthwash, deodorant, body wash, shampoo, detergent, hand sanitizer and much more!

Making detergent!

Goober picked out my "sick new shoes"-his words and I ran to all of  my old friends homes in Alabama :). 

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