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Thursday, September 29, 2016


We have had 3 great day of cooler weather...which means its sooo incredily refreshing to get up and run with my girls first thing in the morning. I almost have to force myself to take a shower as I come home without dripping sweat....but then I take in a big whiff and I jump in and SCRUB!!

Goober says everyday " I hope it stays this cool" right as he walks outside every morning.
 Goober has been on a rapping kick lately and is writing his own christian rap song...I know certain lines by heart as he and Little Man sing it over and over. He is also into riddles but can't tell one right to save his life. He normally gives away the ending or punch line early on in the riddle...or over emphasizes the small details that should stump you at the end. We are already in the pre-teen/teenage stage of reminding him of who he is daily. I have to constantly tell him that he is a (our last name)...not any other kid and therefore he doesn't have to hae those brands or those accessories. He is really into impressing others right now and will do anything to fit in...its scary to think that we are losing that control over him, that others are bigger influences now than us...its scary but I have hope because of the environment he is in and the heart I know he has. DAGUM though, I am tired of repeating myself.

Ribbit is still madly in love with school. She wants to read more than the 10 minutes of required reading every night and she loves to take her teacher a gift every day. She hit an all time low though of a messy room this weekend though, like UNGODLY UNCLEANINESS..if thats even a thing. So Adam grabbed two trash bags and poured all of her toys into them. She has bare drawers, shelves and we can finally see her floor. Therefore all she has are books and I honestly think everyone involved is relieved.
Ribbit comes to my room every morning with her hairdo request....recently she has started more of my earrings too and some mornings she gets a little mascara. She loves to accessorize and wears at least 2 pieces daily....she also does her socks in different folds (heaven forbid we look like all the other kids in school uniforms).

Little Man is just that. A 4 year old boy living in a 6th grade boy world. He wants to be a 6th grader and he is quite comical. He has the heart of a 4 year old and that is still super sweet and cuddly. The smack talk and wrestling though is full on 6th grade boy. He still loves learning but hasn't found that sweet spot yet in PK4...I think he would much rather play outside with the chickens and on the Wii all day.

We have all been engulfed with Trail Life and American Heritage Girls...we have our first family campout this weekend. Adam is doing a great job as the troop leader. Fortunately I have a co-troop leader and even though she was stuck in jury duty for our last meeting she is super helpful and on top of things.

Church has been really challenging lately. Every sermon centers around the fact that we are better together. We are better when we are engaged and doing life with other believers. Satan loves to isolate us and make us believe that church is full of hypocrits (duh) and that we are fine on our own. That couldn't be more of lie...we are held accountable in church, we are challenged, inspired, motivated and made better. In the dark, isolation turns us into excuse makers, justifiers of bad choices, dependant on our self and not the Lord. I loved what the pastor said this past Sunday...he kept repeating "better is better". Taking time to be a better mom is better. Taking time to be a better christian is better. Being a better sister in christ is better. No excuses, be better.

We love getting handmade cards from Aunt Robin!! They are seriously the  big event of the day when they come!

This precious teacher is one of my running buddies and she grabbed Little Man and loved on him on the playground one day and sent me these two pictures. I love having a village to raise my kiddos and love on them when I can't!

I'm quickly becoming famous with the teachers and baseball team for the "wild orange oil" cookies with dark chocolate chips. They are seriously STINKING GOOD!

rosemary and cumin oil meatballs cooking for lunches. They love these topped with mustard.

Another great long run with Carrie, my pace buddy. Its amazing how fast you bond with someone over running!

A favorite meal, roasted sweet potatoes, rainbown carrots and bacon!!

I got together with some girlfriends from church and made bows for our girls. Aren't these the cutest? They have her monogram!

A sweet tradition at our school is reading buddies where 6th graders are paired with 1st graders to read every week. Goober got one of our church friends youngest! 

Little Man ready for baseball!

He was the cutest little catcher you ever saw.

He stayed like this for a solid 2 minutes, then dropped to his knees where he stayed for a solid inning while politely asking the ump to go get that ball.

Of course I am bias, but I love Ribbit's painting of a bowl of apples. 

I couldn't rearrange my schedule to go on the apple orchard field trip with Ribbit but I got these two pictures from one of my friends who said "Ribbit is sad that you didn't come"

And this one she titled " she is refusing to smile for me". HA

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