Sunday, September 11, 2016

Football Season

Everything feels right ... the weather is starting to become bearable (even with the sun out), football games are happening at every waking minute and everyone is back in their routine....only forgetting lunches and violins after we have closed the garage door...thats better than after we have arrived, parked and walked down to their classrooms!

This past week was a doozy as we loaded up the calendar with birthday parties, doTerra classes and all of our new service opportunities with American Heritage Girls and Trail Life. We are loving those last two groups more and more as we learn how both groups strive to honor God and teach children how to worship him in every part of their lives.

The kids are really loving school.

Ribbit adores her teacher and wants to make a present for her daily. She is reading SO WELL, like brings tears to my eyes well. She is even making her own books...for example she made "The Boxcar Children Bible" today...can you guess which two books she has been reading lately? It was beautiful with lots of pictures, construction paper and tape and she was so stinkin proud. She is also doing great in Math and finishes her homework with little to no help. She loves being able to bring a friend to eat with us when I join her on Wednesdays. We take silly pictures with them and compare lunches. I even made one of her friends give me a taste of her yogurt....YUMMY...hehe, made is a strong word, they are always willing to share and trade food :).

Goober loves his English teacher and her love for books. He likes how she talks in voices and is always excited. His math teacher and one of my dear friends and bible study partners is always loving on him. He tells us how she integrates God into everything and he loves her sweet funny spirit. He is starting to show that teenage tendency to want all name brand things and we are having to remind him that God cares about whats on the inside....even when I know and remember that feeling all too well!!! That boy loves him some shoes though...and the basketball player that inspired them!!! I was walking over for a meeting on Friday and watched him at PE for a second. He is a quick little sucker and outran several boys for a touchdown..."juking" them as he went. Everyone celebrated with him and when he saw me staring he yelled "mom, did you see that!!!??". I was just as celebratory with him and then I think he realized that I was his mom and ran to his buddies for lots of manly fist bumps and grunts.

Little Man is finally finding his rhythm with his new teacher. He is becoming more agreeable and less defiant. We finally have a clear system down for his behavior expectations and I think we are all using the same language with him. He is such a smart little boy and he knows exactly what he wants to do and when and how he wants to do it. I know that he isn't being intentionally defiant or overly aggressive but we have to mold him into an obedient young man now, definitely not wait until he is 16 and has outgrown those cute curls....if thats even possible!!

One of my favorite teaching moments yet. My sweet sweet Kathleen stayed after school, during a pouring down thunderstorm to finally throw a 9 inch tall vase. She was so stinking proud and we were so stinking wet and happy when she finished!!!!!  I LOVE HER

Another painting class for couples. And me and my hubby got to participate since he had to help me demonstrate!!!


I love the church outfits she comes up with!

Using a giftcard she got for her birthday! Glow in the dark fingers!

First lunch with a friend silly picture! Claire is one of my running buddies daughters!

Ribbit threw this pot and glazed it for her sweet teacher!

I got to go help Little Man's class make birthday cupcakes and mix colors with icing!

One of my students took these pictures of me helping my 9th graders on the pottery wheel.


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