Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hotter than Hot

I normally don't mind running in the heat...I love feeling the sweat pore off of me...but, the weather is playing cruel games with my head as of lately. Last weekend my running buddy and I hit a new PR for 9 miles and couldn't stop talking about how great it felt out bugs, a cool wind.

Fast forward to this week and we needed to add to or mileage, yet it was sooo stinkin hot. We had the PR from last week in our head to beat but the heat didn't allow for it. I didn't feel the effects until I sat down 7 hours after we finished running and I felt dehydrated, dizzy and had my head hurt. I went straight from running, to 2 hours in the sun for baseball, to 2 hours outside at Top Golf....not smart.

As a look back over my run though it was pretty good...9 miles with an 8.32 average. We will be running our marathon before we know it!

Some things to remember....

Goober has been taking a beating lately at the ball park. During his little brothers first baseball game he knocked a huge bloody knot in his head by running into a tree while catching a football. During his brother's second game he fell off his scooter, ripped his shirt and has a big bloody knot on his shoulder.

He and I normally sit and chat during his sister's gymnastics practice before church on Wednesday nights. This past Wednesday we saw a bunch of dead crickets as were walking in and he said "oh I just remembered how I used to eat those". I said "WHAT?" and he said " When I would get to school, I would have free breakfast but they only gave me free chocolate milk and I would be so hungry that I would eat the dead crickets in the corner of the cafeteria". He didn't flinch or put any emotion at all into it but I was emotional enough for both of us. MAD, sad, disgusted, torn.

When I went down to visit Little Man during the school day on Friday his friend Collins, WHO WE LOVE said "hey, um, Miss (insert real name)'s mommy". Then she put her hand on her hips and said " He said he won't marry me" and made the best scowl ever. I called her mom that night to tell her and we both laughed. She said that Collins is obsessed with marriage right now and had been really mad at Little Man for saying he would not marry her but he would marry another girl in his class :).

Ribbit loves school so much. She gets mad when we tell her that she doesn't have school tomorrow on Friday and Saturday nights. She also loves gymnastics and is quite brave, flipping over the bars this year and wanting to do the highest balance beam. She wears some crazy outfits there too, adding leg warmers, wigs and jewelry to her leotard. She loves Music class at school and her teacher told me that "she catches on to rhythm quickly but boy is she a daisy picker "....HAHAHA>.I laughed so hard...thats my girl!!

Pork Ribs with cumin oil, rosemary oil, rosemary from our garden, carrots and onions

Gearing up for our Olympic Themed Pep Rally!

He LOVESS to vacuum!!!

Fluffy gave us our first egg, and then he was killed the next day.

Aunt Robin sent Ribbit all of this sweet jewelry on a very sad day. What a sweet way for God to use another believer in our sweet girls life.

Gymnastics practice

Another silly lunch picture!

Butternut squash with tomatoes and onions. Then topped with grilled shrimp. OH YUM!

I love seeing our older students love on my kiddos after school!

Miss Tootie, our fav babysitter came home for a weekend!!

Carrie and I are great running buddies...I have many others...but she keeps my pace and can hold a conversation as we go. We had two great back to back runs and decided to meet up for dinner to let the families get to know one another better. Little Man and her daughter Lacey are in the same class at school and Carrie is our new Pre-Grammar Aide and we adore their family!!!

We are getting 3-4 eggs daily!!

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