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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gotcha Day 2016

We almost forgot about our Gotcha Day anniversary today. Life is flying by right now and without the reminders from Facebook and the painting we made in the foyer I would have completely forgotten! But we have so much to celebrate and be thankful for. So much in those 3 littles bodies to love on and learn from.

We have been really diving deep into God's word and his promises lately as life has thrown some curve balls. Fluffly, Ribbit's chicken laid its first egg on Sunday. On Monday it was killed by a hawk and Ribbit was devastated. Adam and I teared up just at the thought of having to tell our sensitive, animal loving daughter. She was quickly reminded of God's goodness though when a package showed up on our doorstep that was addressed to her. She hardly ever gets things addressed to just her. She opened it up and it was precious jewelry that my Aunt Robin made her. She was in love with it and instantly her mood was changed. We kept repeating that God knew she would need some extra love that day and he used another believer to do just that.

We have also been talking a lot about purpose with the boys. Our pastor is doing a wonderful series on "Better Together" and how the body of Christ is better when we are together. He has covered how we are commanded to come together in scripture. We are commanded to not forsake the meeting and encouragement of one another. He spoke on Hebrews 10:25 "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching". This reminds us that as the day of Christ draws near people will become more isolated. They will not see a need for a church family and even the family unit will began to break down. We have seen Satan use isolation before to take down family members and friends and make them think that there is no place for them in church. 

My favorite sermon though was this past Sunday when he spoke on the different excuses people use to not attend church. They talk about the pain that church has caused them....the pace of life that keeps them from attending...the pride they have that keeps them from admitting they need others. It really spoke to my kids and it was a good reminder for all that not pouring into the body of Christ is a lack of love on our part. Its a lack of trusting God with our time, emotions, pain, suffering. I don't want my children to be little legalists, but I do want them to know the importance and STRENGTH found in the family of God. I have seen it time and time again..I have lived and breathed a strong dependence in the church family. 

So HAPPY GOTCHA DAY TO MY 3 BIGGEST BLESSINGS. YOU ARE LOVED, ADORED, WANTED and more than that you are adopted by the Father God. 

A huge painting that the two art teachers painted while our headmaster preached on being ROOTED in Christ!

This big man was invited to receive a medal from the Mayor for all of his summer reading minutes.

My kiddos are blessed to go to Cougar Club when Adam and I have inservice. It wore him out and this is what I saw at 4:45!!

Teachers kids have all the fun. This was their reward for unpacking and putting away all of my art supplies. They turned the whole room into a fort!

My AWESOME dinner before the Dixie Chicks concert. I only ate 1/2 and was stuffed!!

My awesome date for the Dixie Chicks bestie Leianne.


Soooooo many high school and college memories!

Lots of political puns!

Beautiful backgrounds

The Finale!

Big girl got a mermaid outfit from Lolly and Captain and an art kit from Aunt Micah and Uncle Chris. She woke up early on Saturday and put them both to good use!

Receiving his medal!

The mayor told him that he was the best dressed!!!

Swimming with Annalei...they both had mermaid outfits. Annalei is Leianne's (in above picture) daughter

Driving Mr. Reeder's boat on Lake Granbury! We love our Connect Group at church!

Little Man's turn!

I asked Ribbit to put her thank you notes in the mail and make sure the flag was up so the mailman would take them. 20 minutes later this is what I found! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

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