Sunday, August 7, 2016

Earl had to die...nah nah nah nah nah

I am gloriously exhausted.

I went to bed last night at 1 am....which has not happened in many many years. But you see, my sweet husband got me and my girlfriend tickets to see The Dixie Chicks on their first US Tour in years. We went to Dallas, ate at a cute little restaurant in the renovated area of downtown and then jammed out for 4 hours.

I was so stinkin excited. The Dixie Chicks CDs provide so many great memories throughout high school and college. It reminds me of so many sweet people from my past and singing my heart out on long road trips during college...either on my way home or to other schools for away games.

I could care less about what they said ..I mean they probably shouldnt' have said it  but I dig their music, their passion, their artistry.

So that was last night and this morning I was up at 5 (my body thrives off a routine) running, doing a 10 min WOD and then we were off to the lake for a full day of swimming and boating with our sunday school class.

It was a great last weekend before school starts this Thursday. The kids are thrilled with the teachers they have and knowing that each has a bestie or two in their homeroom. We have all of our uniforms together, new lunch boxes (its ridiculous how hard we are on lunchboxes----we can make a bookbag last 2/3 years but not our lunchbox!), new shoes, belts and then for our 12 year old who insist on growing an inch on some limb a week we have to get a new batting helmet, new cleats and a new glove.......and of course he doesn't tell us until we are at the ball field!!!!!!!

A ceiling I painted in the dining room of a colleagues home this summer.

Goober loved this basketball camp he attended taught my Moncrief.

Cooking with essential oils party..MY BIGGEST YET!!! It was so much fun to be surrounded by women I love and want to help! Cumin Salsa, Lemon vanilla mint lemonade, peppermint brownie bites, wild orange and dark chocolate protein bites.

We back the BLUE!!!!

Wild Orange breakfast biscuits...adapted from my Paleo pancake recipe to include more arrowroot.

Stopped at Eisenhowers birth place on the way to Arkansas to see Uncle Chris and Aunt Micah.

downtown Bentonville

The day after my birthday I really wanted to push myself to see how 32 was going to be :). Great time on 1 mile!

Visits to see Uncle Chris always include gymnastics and wrestling!

I got to choose lunch after church on my birthday. We went to Newks and I had AN AMAZING ahi tuna salad with oranges and peppers!!! See the boys bowties? Baby Dudgeon also got one so all the boy cousins will match!

Rock climbing at Micah and Chris's church.

This is what EXHAUSTED looks like!!!!!

I love that MIcah caught this picture. Little girl totally thinks she is in our selfie :)...I LOVE ONYX coffee!!!

My sweet sister in law and I got massages the day after my birthday and it was FANTASTIC!!

Hiking around with Uncle Chris

We met up with Miss Unicorn (Caroilne), one of my sweet former art students who is now attending the Univ. of Ark.

On the way back to TX we stopped and hiked the Devil's Den trail. The kids and Adam are standing in a natural "icebox". It really was cold!

Sweet kisses from my sweet man on the hike.

Deep down inside another cool box..this one was muddy!

Stacking stones!!!..or trying to!

We made it to the waterfalls!

It was beautiful!

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