Friday, July 29, 2016

Deadline approaching

We are trying to squeeze out all the summer fun we can in these last few days. I feel like we have a deadline approaching as Adam and I go back to inservice on Monday. We are all actually excited to go back to school but maybe not the school schedule. I know my kids are ready to see their friends after last night's back to school ice cream social. They were squealing with delight as they saw their friends and BEGGING to sit with them, play with them. Its always so good to see friends and hug necks and catch up.
I feel like I may have an easy beginning of the year...which I have never had. I am not in charge of a huge art competition this year. I am not teaching any new curriculum or (despite what I thought) not taking on any new responsibilities. In fact I turned down a new position just last week and I am honestly quite proud of myself for saying NO and protecting my time.
The only new part of this year will be my new teaching partner in 8th grade bible. I have taught with the same guy for the last 6 years and he is moving on to another position. The new teacher though comes with lots of experience and a bible degree!!!! Many other teachers already knew him, in fact some people at our school were taught my him when they were in high school! I am excited to teach with him and I think it will be a smooth transition.

Its hard to believe we will have a 6th grader, 1st grader and PK4 year old!!! They are all anxiously awaiting their postcard to tell them who their homeroom teacher is. I have my guesses based on who winked at me last night at the ice cream social or who whispered secrets into my kiddos ears yesterday at the teacher pool party....there are perks to being a teachers kid!!!!

Dauphin Island Sea Lab was so neat. We stood at this table and touched everything. We listened to all kinds of neat stories about all the creatures we were touching.

Do you see Christ on the cross in this skull?

Hurricane machine...they thought this was fun!

Fort Gaines. My dad is covering up the "dirty word". HA!

I love this picture of my parents with the kiddos and beautiful background!

They kept telling the kids that we were not going to be able to drive back over the bridge to go home. They didn't understand until we got on the ferry in our van and headed across Mobile Bay! It was really fun!

My sweet hubby!

Overlooking the estuary at Dauphin Island Sea Lab.

Ribbit loves getting her nails done with CC.

The boys got their hair done by my dad. They love using Uncle Chris's products that he left when he moved out :). They also like to wrap themselves and my dad up in ace  bandages. Then my grandparents came over and got some "cool dude" advice from my Papa.

I love this sweet picture. We had a great afternoon visiting and getting my grandparents a "smart TV". OH WHAT A STORY THAT IS ;).

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