Saturday, July 9, 2016

Road Trippin Part 2

We are currently at my parents home...and have finally been in the same town for more than 24 hours. Its nice to be out of the care some too but I have to admit that seeing college/high school friends with their kiddos makes any road trip worth it.

So far we have been to Conway, Arkansas-----Memphis, TN----Nashville, TN---------Huntsville, AL------Lake Guntersville, AL--------Bay Minette, AL------Pensacola, FL-------Dauphin Island, AL.

We spent the 4th of July out on Lake Guntersville with Adam's family. They have a lake house there and we spent the day with his mom's side of the family swimming, kayaking, sliding, and fishing. The kids were literally doing something with the lake ALL DAY LONG. They loved every part of it, especially kayaking with their cousins and grandparents.

We stopped in Birmingham the next day and had lunch with Steph and her two sweet boys...who I swear have aged 10 years since the last time I saw them...they are only 3 and 5 :). That was the last of our wonderful meals with college friends. So far we have eaten with the Chessers and their son Julian at Martins BBQ in Nashville, barTaco with the Kendricks and their 3 sweet girls in Franklin and stopped to see Deanna and her 2 sets of twins in Memphis. Its funny to see how great of parents your goofball college friends make :) really awesome parents who teach me something every time I am around them.

Since we have arrived here we have DONE A LOT.

Thursday we spent the whole day with my Aunt Robin and Uncle Discipline, uh I mean Carl. We REALLY LOVE THEM..they have been a constant in my family's life through some trying times. They are always quick to love and support us and they love on my kiddos....including with sweet homemade cards in the mail from Aunt Robin lately. They met us at IHop and then we spent the day at Sams Fun City waterpark in Pensacola. The kids LOVED everything there....we did all of the slides, in double tubes, single tubes, as a race, etc. We did the Lazy River or according to Baby Boy, the "Lazy Liver" at least 20 times least. We laughed so hard at each other. They had a bucket that would dump a massive amount of water on you without any notice. Carl kept getting dumped up and would throw his hands up and say "What the heck" while looking like a drowned rat...IT WAS HYSTERICAL!!!!!! Watching my dad, Adam, Carl and Goober go down the scary slide was also awesome. To top it off with my two youngest and my dad were rinsing off when a booty shaking song came on and in the middle of the park they all started busting out moves.....typical white man moves and so hip wiggling moves from my two youngest.

Today we had a BIG DAY. We got up early and headed down the Dauphin Island Sea was small but very neat and educational. We learned all about zombies, pufferfish, weird things called leopard searobins which look like a cross between a fish and a crab...seriously the weirdest thing I have seen in a while. We felt sting rays, octopus, sharks, eels, sponges, crabs, snakes, etc. We saw what looked like electric jellyfish and sharks that look like they are upside down but really its a part of their body that lets them attach themselves to other sharks a parasite almost. We learned about estuaries and how Mobile Bay is a large one..with fresh water and salt water mixing. We saw shells, crabs and oysters and beautiful scenery. We ate lunch at a nearby small italian hole in the wall and then looked around at Fort Gaines.
Then my parents kept telling the kids that we couldn't go back over the bridge to get home...we were going to have figure out some other way. They were psyched to see that we were all getting on a ferry, along with the van and riding over to Fort Morgan. It was neat to do something that I have never done so close to home. The ride was quite enjoyable and we saw oil rigs, pelicans, other boats, lighthouses and took in the sights of what we consider "home", but from a different perspective.

My 3 studs in stripes for church!

I love our church family. We celebrated our good friends promotion with lunch and homemade ice creams!

His 12 year old flat top..geesh.

Jedi Lego Camp with friends!

Science Camp Ocean day snacks...twinkie submarines which she didn't like and banana dolphins...SO CUTE

His actual birthday! We snuck behind him and got this knife he wanted from Costa Maya on our cruise.

Birthday kolache!

Birthday CrossFit workout with mom!

Science Camp Farm day....shaving sheep!

They LOOOOVEEE getting cards from Aunt Robin and they proudly pin them on our shutters in the living room!

I found this birthday card for Goober on my shopping trip to Waco..Its framed now in our living room.

Ducklings and their momma a block from our should have heard the kids when they saw this...I think I heard the word CUTE about 10000x!

Baby Boy's battle bot from Jedi Lego Camp!

Pictures from our Road Trip to come!

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