Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 2016

Making apple chips with momma!
 The first week of school was great, no big hiccups. This week though has been full of them.
Little Man is having a hard time obeying and is really testing his teacher. He has lost some privileges at both home and school. Its getting better but I don’t like starting out my year with lots of teacher conferences!

Then, Ribbit got sick right when we got to school on Tuesday morning. She was constipated …and was straining so hard that she caused her nose to start bleeding and had blood in her stool. Since, she had surgery at age 1 to remove her small intestine from her large we have to watch for blood in her stool which would be a sign of another complication. The poor girl didn’t feel well for almost an hour. Adam ran home and got her digestive oil and we rubbed her down. 20 minutes later she pooped and her nose stopped bleeding. She stayed in my room and colored for an hour and then she was happy and felt well enough to go back to school. Her teacher let her take it easy the rest of the day and she spent most of the day in the rocking chair, reading.

Goober has had a pretty solid year. Some little mis-steps here and there. He is all of sudden the center of attention with his new hair do and I’m not sure he knows what to do with his new popularity. He keeps forgetting that we see all and hear all from our friends and he needs to choose his peers wisely. I am proud of him though for reaching out to a new kid and completely taking him in….He has also stepped up his game in violin and is doing quite well!

We are starting back to church tonight so our Wednesdays are long…with teacher devotionals starting at 7:15 am, and then not getting home until 8 pm from church. Ribbit starts attending church on Wednesdays this year and therefore Adam and I can head to some bible studies as they all have somewhere they can be. Goober is officially in the youth group and I love that our church is really into peer mentoring. I think he will be challenged in his faith this year and I am excited to see him become a leader, the leader that we all know he can be!!
I miss these afternoons at the library, sitting in the warm windows.

They loved throwing pottery. In fact, we emptied the kiln yesterday and Ribbit gave her teacher a pretty pot this morning!

Our favorite sitter Miss Tootie took the kids swimming. I am a nut when it comes to my kids and water so I made them wear floaties. She will still able to get some great pictures though! We are sad though, Miss Tootie left for college on Tuesday.

The last weekend before school started we let them each pick a friend to stay the night. Ribbit chose her fried from church and they had fun being artsy and girly.

Both boys chose our neighbor, surprise surprise and they  had fun playing ping pong and camping out in the playroom!
We had a good looking group ready for church the next morning!

We LOVE our connect group and we love that our pastor is doing a whole sermon series on how we are all BETTER TOGETHER. Isolation is the biggest tool that Satan can use. He tells us we don't need a church family and that we can do life in isolation....That could not be farther from the truth!

A little modeling before church!

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