Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ready for some waves

We are almost all packed....for 3 days of the beach with my girlfriends and their kids and then 7 days on a cruise! Adam has been showing the kids videos of people snorkeling at our port stops and they are super excited! They ask all day long for me to show them how much longer we have until the cruise!

We have stayed busy with the chickens (which i sometimes refer to as the babysitters). The kids actually like cleaning out the coop and making sure they have fresh food and water. We are pretty sure that Ironman is actually a Man....the other 4 are hopefully wouldn't believe how much research Adam did on Bird Butts to see if we could tell the sex of each chicken, but you really can't until they are 6-8 weeks.

I am also venturing out into another step to make our home as clean as possible. We have tackled the whole paleo diet and seen great results in our how we feel and how reliant we can be on what God provides. That next step is doTerra oils. I have been using frankincense and coconut oil as my face moisturizer for about 3 weeks now and LOVE acne, no acne meds anymore. When I started researching doTerra and saw how great a company they were (empowering third world countries and women, giving back and how they see that God gave us everything we need) and realizing that the things I slather on my children and have them ingest are man made and just add to the problems. We have been treating a wart on Goober's hands with oregano, treating mine and his acne with frankincense and tea tree oil, making natural insect repellent with lemongrass and taking collagen (a natural protein) to build up our skin....the kids all have awful nail growth and once again the collagen helps with acne and provides extra protection from the sun.

With all that said I have already had one class and I am hosting three more this summer. I know it sounds weird to use oils, but its also weird to ask people to believe that Jonah was swallowed by a whale and then spit out unharmed...but I believe it. I believe that God put us on earth and gave us everything we need...plants, food, healing, this is just another step in trusting him.

Plus, we are already the weird family....different colors, paleo eaters, early morning runners, chicken why not go for it :). Plus, once you start researching you realize that more people would use oils if doTerra and other oil companies could post more about the ailments they have actually cured, but the FDA won't allow that....kinda like how doctors won't tell you that diet and herbs can better affect your ailments over medications and pumping your body full of toxins.....because they loose business. MEH.

So my next post will probably be filled with lots of beach pictures and exciting tales of our beach adventures!!!

One of my new favorite dinners. Sweet potato fries, 1/2 avocado and salsa on top!!!

This was an intense CrossFit!!!

This was all bodyweight but 20 rounds....dddaaannngg.

The last gymnastics class of every term is when the kiddos invite us in to show the parents what they have learned. Ribbit is doing great and isn't afraid to go upside down on the uneven bars or to let her teacher spot her in doing a back handspring...but this is her favorite..hanging from the parallel bars...She loves being a monkey!

This was not planned but when Baby Boy decided he was done sleeping at 3:15 but was conked out again at 4, I couldn't go back to sleep to save my I just ran until everyone woke up and was ready for breakfast . 

Our school likes to give our fun awards at the end of every year. They started this by saying that there are people in life who have inhibitions and just make everything here is the FUNGI award, a great pun since Adam is known for his puns, imitations, dance moves and funny emails to the whole school concerning facilities or keys :).....oh yeah or weather you wad or fold your toilet paper. Love that they appreciate that about him!

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