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Monday, May 9, 2016

Last Full Day of School

Its my last full day of  school, followed by 3 1/2 days for finals. The kiddos have 2 more full days and 2 half days and then SWEET SUMMERTIME....and then our CRUISE!!

My parents sent money yesterday and each kiddos used it to buy snorkel gear and an underwater camera, which they are equally excited to use!!

We are doing our own excursions, taking taxis and going to parks at all 3 stops in order to save money...and to keep from being off the ship for 8 hours at at time..we may need naps and/or need to be on our schedule. We have been researching like crazy and it seems like the best option when traveling with kiddos!

I can't wait to get into our summer routine of staying up a little later, waking up a little later, playdates and camps...seeing family and traveling. Adding on our 5 chicks to the family and planting a bigger garden will also keep us busy this summer!

I wanted to share pictures of my Mothers Day weekend, they are out of order but meh..its summertime right?

Someone had a grand time at Sweet and Sassy with her girlfriends!

These two have been the best of pals this year!

Mother's Day gifts from Baby Boy...I was super sweaty :).

Adding it to my plate collection!

Just like every other day Ribbit drew me 400 pictures that say "i love mommy", "mommy is the best"...can't get enough of them!

Check out this beautiful card.

Working hard in the chicken coop.

The chicken coop makes a great babysitter..hehehe...We are at 5 chicks now....Sunshine, Snowflake, Ironman, Fuzzy and Phenix.

I have to say that I made a killer mothers day dinner...marinated steak cooked in bacon fat and rosemary from our roasted veggies. Goober said it was the best steak ever!

Bubba and I ran in the Buffalo Boogie on Saturday morning..he wanted to capture all the cactus in the background at the Fort Worth Nature Center.

She begged me to take this picture and send it to her teacher!

Another killer dinner...Green hatch chile beef meatloaf mixed with crook neck squash and onions that we cooked down on the stovetop for a loooonnngg time.

Dancing with another friend at the party!

Check out her diva left.

My treat on Saturday...not only did I do a 25 min AMRAP CrossFit workout that included 48 Push presses, 80 heavy deadlifts, 112 Knees to elbows on the bar and 800 jumpropes plus a mile run.....but then add a 1mile walk to the starting line for the Buffalo Boogie (most of which I carried little bubba), a 1 mile run with little man, and then the 1 mile walk back. SOOOOOOOO, I was sooo hungry. This is cucumber sushi with spicy tuna, salmon and shrimp. YUM!


Animal spot tattoo after our run

Cutie patootie in front of some blue bonnets on our long walk after the run.

We had to park so far from the starting line....but it was neat to walk over the interstate and watch cars zoom underneath us. We passed the time by singing the ENTIRE " there was a hole, in the middle of the ground......and the green grass grows all around, all around, etc" song.

So proud to be chick parents.

Yall need to pray for Ironman.

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