Monday, May 9, 2016

Mothers Day 2016

However motherhood comes to you, its a miracle.

I believe that

...its miraculous that God would take my three would be step siblings and make them full siblings with the same mom and dad.

---its miraculous that God allowed two kids to take on the CPS system, be told that they were too young and come out almost 6 years later with 3 kiddos who are thriving and have "adjusted" well.

...its miraculous that God adopts us through the blood of Christ, changes our name and makes us heirs to his kingdom.

---its miraculous that my children have not suffered from any drug or alcohol related problems despite the neglect that happened during their time in the womb and after.

---its miraculous that this birthmom, who doesn't know the Lord chose adoption every time, never abortion.

---its miraculous that I look at my kids and see traits from myself and their daddy. I even caught myself starting at Baby Boy the other day and thought "he looks like me".

Today, like every mothers day I get in a mood. I am reminded of how hard it must be for their birthmom and I let it affect me. I had asked them for just 1 hour alone at Barnes and Noble to read. That didn't happen, I got bored, felt guilty and came home. Meh. Being a mom is much more glamorous than catching up on the latest celebrity gossip. Plus, Ribbit told me that she would wash her own butt tonight as a Mother's Day gift to me.

Our yearly trip to Bennetts Bash to raise money for St. Judes..we clean up when we have to :)

A picture from our babysitter..who is the BEST..they were playing with her masks on the way to the park!

My new kicks that glow in the dark...I'm not 100% sold on them yet, my first time to try Aasics...I LOVE saucony and Nike flex....these seem too stiff for me....Maybe they just need time and sweat!!

The boys LOOOVEEEE playing ping pong with Daddy.

I may be on a roasted beet and turnip kick, SOO good with tumeric, curry and salt sprinkled on when roasting. They I dip them in mustard or salsa!

He loves dressing himself..and since big bubba gets to wear a tie he wants to as well!

Big Bubba on business presentation day. He is selling oil and don't worry guys he pays his employeed $500 a month plus a bonus every year!

Salmon salad with red onions, celery and avocado instead of mayo! YUMMMMMM

His business partners...sweet friends since Pre-First!!!

Showing off his sculpture and 2nd place ribbon!

The weather has been beautiful!!

We just love this tree on the corner of campus..see those two little faces? Big Bubba was on the field next to us at baseball practice.

These two have been great friends for years and I have taught the older brother...they dressed alike without planning it!

My printmaking class finally finished their graffiti wall for our school. It has all of the school characteristics listed and is in the main parking proud of my 10th and 11th graders who designed it all and painted it!

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