Monday, May 2, 2016

Blogging Bleh

I haven't and I'm still not in the mood to blog. For one, we are busy with end of the year business, not BUSYNESS< but BUSINESS...teacher friends are saying "Amen" to that. As an art teacher we also add in our end of the year shows and awards. As a mom we do Teacher Appreciation gifts, sign up for summer camps, get together our own summer camps, and schedule play dates. As the wife to Adam I am planning our cruise, our family time 12 hours away and watching him build the most awesome chicken coop ever in our back yard. Having kids in gymnastics, karate and baseball and violin adds to the schedule too. So in all honesty, I would rather sit down and read others blogs, go for long runs outside in the nice weather, watch my kids finally play on the playground that isn't covered in mud and mosquitoes and/or cuddle with my husband while we watch "the Catch" or "Cutthroat Kitchen" or "Shark Tank".

BUT, since I am an avid photographer I will share our lives through pictures...really these are for the I know that the grandparents, aunts, uncles and great grandparents love seeing pictures of our kiddos!

She wanted to tell Papa "Rock on"!

We ran in the dark pouring rain and we didn't melt!!!

Playing catch with daddy

Kindergarten field trip to see Seussical!

Girls day afterwards...A sweet students mom paid for our manicues, Ribbit picked the colors so we were both in NEONS!!

A friend sent me these from Grandparents Day back in March.

Love all those accessories!

Petting goats at a friend's birthday party



My new kicks. Ribbit also helped choose was between two pair...both were equally loud and obnoxious but both were equally fitted and had great support..of course she went with the ones that had pink and purple!

I'm thinking that if I had to choose one food for the rest of my life it would be sweet I added a kale burger on top and mustard...YUM

I took the right picture one morning noting to myself how natually beautiful this little thing is the minute she wakes up..I took the picture on the left later on that same day as we celebrated the fact that she got a Daniel sticker for obedience, shower her inner beauty which is so much more important!

THE BEST BREAKFAST EVER....pureed butternute squash browned in a pan ....then open it up, drop in some bacon grease, cook the egg until its over easy and serve.....DELISH

Double Daniel stickers for these two. Baby Boy added in this tie to his outfit to look more like big bubba.

But wait, the turnip may be a close second to my sweet potato as it stays sweet when roasted and taste delicious with curry and lemon pepper!!!

Bennett's Bash with my handsome hubby.....raising money for St. Jude's

We also inherited a ping pong table which 1)made us clean out the playroom....2)took up almost the whole playroom...3)makes the playroom the most popular space in the house

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