Thursday, May 5, 2016

Artsy Fartsy

Towards the end of the year the Fine Arts Department is swamped. Its when all of our competitions, musicals, award nights, concerts and end of the year showcases happen. Its also when I normally get the most pumped about the next year as I see my kids win awards, display their artwork so proudly and get to hear feedback from the parents about their kiddos love for art. I actually couldn't fall asleep last night as I thought through two seperate ceramic projects for next years 7th and 10th graders....geesh.

I'm also pretty stoked right now because my printmaking class is in the middle of an awesome graffiti wall showing our school's name and the Daniel characteristics we strive towards...and my 10/11th graders are killing it...they are leading one another, encouraging and getting a lot done daily....which is great since we have 3 class days left!!!!

10th grade Social Comment Tea Sets...2nd place

10th grade Social Comment Tea Set...Rhetoric Teacher's Choice Award

10th grade Social Comment tea set..1st place for all Ceramics

10th grade Raku pottery..3rd place

11th grade printmaking student...Etching, with watercolor background. First place

I love how an etching can take on a whole new life every time you print it!10th grader

Same etch, 5 different backgrounds!10th grader

10th grade Etch..2nd place

10th grade etch collection

10th grade and Rookie to art!

Silkscreen shirts..3rd place in the middle

More silkscreen t-shirts..2nd place winner far right in light blue.

9th grade watercolor self portrait...2nd place

9th grade Watercolor self portrait..1st place

Famous silhouettes drip sculptures....NYC...9th grade..Rhetoric School Teachers Choice

9th grade ..same project as above...Seattle

9th grade..same project as above...Greece...3rd place

Leaning Tower of Pisa...9th grade

St. Louis arch and skyline..9th grader..2nd place!

7th grade Creastone and Wire drip figures...1st place

Same project...7th grader...Logic School Teacher's choice award

7th grade 1 pt. perspective name drawings...3rd place

Wire and Creastone figure...7th grade...2nd place

Logic School Overall winner...Insect carving out of sewing foam, painted with patinas.

7th grade watercolor countries, 3rd place

Watercolor countries, 7th grade, 2nd place

Most of 7th grade

9th grade drip sculptures...The Coliseum 

9th grade drip sculptures...Golden Gate Bridge

9th grade Drip sculptures..1st place..The Alamo

9th grade Drip sculptures...Eiffel Tower

9th grade 2D 3rd place winner..Creature Morph drawing

And now moving on to 3 very talented and lovely children...My 3 kiddos who also had artwork displayed!
Baby Boy




Goober...LOVE THIS

Goober..this was his favorite project all year


Baby Boy

Baby Boy's sculpture won 2nd place!

We have more artwork from all 3 but it hasn't made it home yet. Each kiddos choosed their 3 best to display that night and the rest comes home later.

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