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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Amazing Race Part 5

After ice cream and finding out we were in 2nd place we read Pete the Cat and played the question game again....which quickly got silly after some sugar!!

What is the one breakfast item you could eat everyday?
Little Man-random underwear

So, the next morning we were back on schedule, after finally getting to sleep in our tent through the night at Palo Duro and I woke up to run 2 beautiful miles around the canyon. Then I found a spot of new asphalt...the kind that is still a little sticky and did 10 sprints up and down that really got me going....nothing like pushing yourself outside!
Running early is always rewarded by a beautiful sunrise!
The kiddos woke up and found their next clue hanging on the clothesline! We packed up everything (rather quickly as we saw people who we thought might be other teams...hehe...who were also packing up early) and  headed to the Tx Steak Ranch house in Amarillo. Ribbit spied on our neighbors some while we were packing to see if she could see their clues or team name.

We got to the restaurant and had plenty of time to explore at breakfast is not its busiest time. My kids had a love/hate relationship with these pictures of really scary people with horrific eyes that followed you. When you looked at them one way they were simple portraits but take one step and they were super scary. They stood there and would freak themselves out for a good 10 minutes. Then we played some shooting games with big ole western shotguns and then we explored the pictures of all the people who have eaten a 72 oz steak there-...that is what makes this place famous. The steak honestly didn't look that good and imagine our surprise when we found out that the current record holder was a lady who ate not 1, not 2 but 3 of those 72 oz steaks in under 20 minutes....BARF!!!
Yup, that much meat looks GROSS

Shooting dead western zombie guys????

I need one of these for the front porch!

In the slammer!

You can't miss the large yellow building and BIG OLE COW!!

Our food showed up and the kids were super impressed with their big ole breakfast sandwiches....Adam didn't even order anything because he knew he would be finishing theirs....and he did, and we still had leftovers! Our waitress handed Goober the next clue and off we went to Cadillac Ranch right down the road.

Cadillac Ranch is a place where 9 Cadillac were buried nose down into the dirt several years ago. People are allowed to pull over off the service road and invited to come spray paint on these cars. Due to the recent storms there was mud all around the cars instead of dirt....but who cared? We had to do what the race said and the race said to "graffiti those cars!!!". So 4 of us (not Adam) took off our shoes and waded in. It was gross but awesome at the same time. The kids loved being able to spray paint on the cars and we also picked up a bag of trash while we were out there. Many people leave their empty spray paint bottles lying around and its just unnecessary.
Minus the mud, this was a neat little stop!

Hi Dad!...see the orange Harvell?

Another big Harvell painted in green down the side!

She would spin the tires and then spray paint the snot out of them!

Following me into the sludge...wait, you mean you want us to get dirty?

A really next experience!

Our next clue was on the windshield wipers when we got back to our van (after a good 10 minute stop to clean off with baby wipes and coconut oil!!!) and off we were to Tucumcari, NM. The landscape changed dramatically as we left Texas. We began to see buttes, mesas and plains and thus began the conversation between the differences. Our first stop in NM was at Tee Pee Curios, a definite stop on the historical Hwy 66. We all marveled at the outside decor, the old cars and the history of this place. Inside we looked at trinkets, petted the dog and found a Christmas ornament for our tree to remind us of our trip. Little Man, not having a clue as to what he was doing, ran across the store asking if he could "buy a Grow a Girlfriend" doll. We said no and quickly paid for our items. The owner of the store handed us our next clue with the receipt and off we went to the Mesalands Dinosaur Museum.
Look what we found parked outside of Tee Pee Curios!

A very cute exterior!

This quaint little museum is a part of the college there and at first glance we wondered if it would be worth our money. However, once we were inside we found a lot to discover. Of course, we did a lot of disagreeing with their time line and some of their theories but our kids are very used to it...especially with their archaeological daddy. They had some really neat displays of unordinary fossils and some great interactive stuff for the kids. We easily spent 1.5 hours there and probably could have taken longer if our kids were a little older and wanted to stop and read everything. Little Man decided to use some of his souvenir money from CC and Papa to buy a dinosaur egg that you excavate to find the glow in the dark dinosaur inside. He was very proud of himself for using his own money. Our next clue was on a huge fossil outside and it sent us to a hotel in Albuquerque for the night.
Lots of diaromas. 

Digging up bones

Running for their life!!

Parents have all the fun!!

Goober likes to get the last laugh!

The poor triceratops had kids in his mouth and nostrils!

We found this great Route 66 mural on the side of a building in Tucumcari!

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