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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Amazing Race Post 4

After we got back from brushing our teeth in Palo Duro Canyon there was a clue at our campsite with trail maps for us. We hiked the Rojo Grande Trail (only b/c the lighthouse one was closed due to the bad storm-we were honestly grateful for any trail to be open at that point). It was 2.2 miles and perfect for the kids to lead us through. We saw painted rocks, a huge black widow, lots of layers in the rocks (white and red and gypsum---all of which Adam taught us about). We saw several roadrunners and each kiddo took a turn leading us which they loved. Ribbit had to lead us to get her hiking badge and we also had to follow the "leave no trace" rule in order to qualify for the Junior Ranger Badge. Ribbit had so bought into the game and was covering up our tracks incase another team was trying to follow us!!!
Mr. Man is ready to hike!

The storm the night before left us with beautiful hiking weather!

1/2 way through the hike!

We loved all the layers of red rock!

We then headed up to the Visitor Center to complete our Jr. Ranger badge. While there we looked through their telescopes to find the Lighthouse, our camping spot and some other fun formations...Ribbit also messed with the knobs on the telescope so other teams could not easily find the formations!

A panoramic picture from the top of our hike...Little Man is of course off to the side peeing!

At the tippy top looking down into the Canyon

The found their own little niche.


Receiving their Jr. Ranger badges

On our way back to our tent site we stopped at an old chimney that was part of the CCC rec building and we also hiked a short nature trail where we saw more roadrunners.
The lighthouse through the telescope!

Hanging out with my kiddos on top of a boulder.

Conquerors...and then Ribbit sneezed mid-picture ...HAHAH

At the Trading Post we found our next clue. We went back to the tent and due to cramped sleeping quarters in the van the night before we all stretched out in the hammocks and (very hot) tent and slept some while others read. Little Man had the coolest spot on me...right on top of me as I poured sweat in the hot tent.....he slept like a rock though!
We are hammock people for sure!

As Adam says " they love like sisters and fight like brothers!"

When we got up I felt like I needed to run, I had way too much energy. So I put on a podcast and explored our campground. Only 2 short miles and lots of sweat later and we were ready to start dinner. We made campfire pancakes with Peanut Butter and I had some Tuna with mustard and relish (YUM!!).

We took showers and though we were on our way to see the musical TX like the clue said but unfortunately it wasn't playing that night and we had tickets for a Shakespeare play....the manager was so kind and told us that our kids would be bored to tears so she completely refunded us. The Race understood and allowed us to run into town to eat Ice Cream instead. We had the best time while we were eating ice cream. We laughed and wondered what place we were in that day. We got back and our pit stop clue was in our sleeping bags...we had come in at Team #2...probably because we didn't stay for the show :)....but as Ribbit said " at least we weren't eliminated!
Someone loves his Braums birthday cake ice cream ...hehe. The two littles and I opted for frozen yogurt at Braums while Daddy and Goober went straight for the Sonic shakes across the street.

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