Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Amazing Race Part 10

The next morning I woke up and ran 5 beautiful and perfectly 57 degree weather miles through the woods and it was gloroius. The other early risers were up sipping coffee outside their tent and we all seemed to understand that we needed to be quiet and not interrupt this perfect stillness all around us and soak up mother nature.

The girls decided that it was time for a shower, no matter what the cost so we paid $4 for an 8 minute lukewarm shower....we planned it out so well that we had time to do some laundry while we were in there. Ribbit was pretty excited for a real shower and I felt like a new woman after it!!!

There was a clue clipped to our site sign when we returned after exploring the creek a little and it sent us to Bedrock City. Before we left Ribbit decided to use the potty and it was the kind with a hole dug in the ground and a "toilet" on top....she sat down, felt the breeze and said "whhheeewww, this is interesting". We chose to drive back through Sedona on the way to Bedrock City even though it was longer because it was just soo stinking beautiful. The kids also asked for us to put in their VBS CD soundtrack and we were all jamming to "sin messed everything up, everything up, OH NO" and "God is over the mooooooonnnnn, He's crazy about yooooouuuuu".

We got to Bedrock City and Adam and I were excited to see parts of our chidhood cartoons come to life..but I quickly warned him that the reviews were less than steller and I knew it but thought it was a great stop anyways. We got our 5 Cent coffee and wondered through. In all honesty that place could be a killer stop but the owners honestly don't care. Everything needed a new coat of paint or a good scrubbing. The landscape was awful and there was nothing seperating it from the other worn down fields surrounding it. Even the people working there seemed asleep. I thought the place was super cute but you had to look for it...it wasn't obvious.

The kids LOVED it though and they ran from building to building and talked about Bedrock as if they grew up there. I wanted to get them a Flintstone souvenir from the store but ALL THEY HAD IS MAGNETS!! Everything else in that store was like all the Hwy 66 stores and was cheap.

When we finally slid down the dinosaur one of the employees handed us the next clue which sent us to the GRAND CANYON..which was the halfway point of our trip! The closer we got to the Grand Canyon the more elk we saw on the side of the road and the kids got super excited. I had never been to to the Grand Canyon and I just couldn't see how we were about to see this HUGE canyon when we were driving through forest and flat land.....but then...

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