Sunday, February 14, 2016

Thinking Out Loud

That's what most of my post are anyways, just me thinking out loud..or rambling is more like it.

Goober may have broken his wrist, he caught himself as he fell at recess. The doctor who x-rayed it thinks one bone may be broken so we are waiting for the second opinion to let us know on Monday..probably more like Tuesday since Monday is a holiday (THANK YOU JESUS). Goober was already scheduled to go to his first church lock-in this weekend, which was already giving me eye twitches and then add in this potential broken wrist and I was a wreck...I threatened everyone within an inch of their life that if they rough housed with Goober they would hear it from me..I was nice about it but they all knew I was dead serious...and I meant it when I said " Goober, I will come up here at 2:15 in the morning and spank you in front of God and everybody if I hear you are playing dodgeball or basketball"...his two favorite things to do at church.
I got real Southern real quick.

I just picked him up, he is fine.

We had a yard sale today. It was #1 of probably 3 we will have this year...I can't stand clutter. Since I was sick last week I went through closets like a crazy women. Miracles still happen because we SOLD everything...a guy walked up and bought what was left for $5...which for us is $5 worth of gas saved from taking it all to Goodwill. This also means that the yard sale closet is CLEAN, the kids closets have only the clothes that fit them or will fit them AND we even sold extra pieces of furniture in preparation to redo the boys rooms this summer. Promptly after that we took our  money and went to The Container Store....Elfa is 30% off until tomorrow and we had a gift card. We completely redesigned Ribbit's walk in closet and it will all be ready to pick up tomorrow.....Now she has NO EXCUSE for the disaster area that is currently her room. I get goosebumps just thinking about Elfa!!!!!

I have gained so much respect for my treadmill over the past few weeks. Between being sick and it being FRIGID COLD I have been able to keep up my mileage on my own terms...I kinda hated it this summer but only because I would rather run outside in the heat...but I can't do the freezing cold..anything below 40 and I am out..its like my lungs freeze and I become a walker real quick. Also, CrossFit is not for wimps, I repeat not for weenies...I have never been more aware of my two individual butt cheeks than after this past week's Friday WOD. We did Turkish get-ups with kettle bells and Curtis P's (torture) with bars...and that my friend was the WARM UP. Then we did hang cleans for 300 meters and back...and in between 102 lunges holding a 65 lb bar in the hang clean position. By #50 I was shaking and breathing harder than I have ever done while sprinting....I never do this but I told Leianne "do not talk to me!!" I knew I was hurting this morning when I woke up but my students confirmed it. I met 5 of them at the school to paint sets for the musical and one of them said "No offense, Mrs. Harvell but you are walking like a cowboy"...yeah, it hurts to do all things involving living.


It almost got ugly at Ribbit's Mothers Valentine Tea this year. Her teacher whipped out the book" Love you Forever" and as Ribbit cuddled closer and pulled my hands tighter around her I immediately started crying. Her teacher did too, as she was reading it, like big can't talk cry and the room full of moms was GONE. I can't read that book to my kids, and every time I even hear the title I think of the poem Goober wrote me 2 years ago that is still on the fridge.
"Ill love you forever, Ill like you for always, As long as I'm living, My mommy you'll be......Thank you for cooking for me"...Stinker!

My kids have declared that our Paleo Ice Cream is better than Braums....Maybe?....I'm not 100% convinced but I do know we all don't wake up racing to the bathroom in the morning!!!! I make it with Coconut Milk, Cinnamon and some Almond or Cashew Butter...add some warmed up blueberries or nectarines on top and its darn tootin good!!!!

Adam has A LOT of gray hair...and I think they all grew in overnight. I didn't notice them until we were sitting at Trinity and Tyler's wedding last week in the bright sunlight and I really had a freak out. He seemed to already know about them but I was shocked. I am not ready for gray hair..some wrinkles are very attractive around the eyes, the one or two chest hairs he grows a year are just fine, our ability to be wore out by 6:15 pm is understandable but GRAY HAIR....NO SIR!!!!!!  I know he will be a hottie with gray hair but shouldn't they come one at a time and not all at once?

Our children are not consistent. They have been getting Daniel stickers one day, then notes home the very next day. Ribbit is now known as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air as she showed up on picture day, changed her socks and shoes and had to be strategically placed in the back row of her class picture when she is the shortest kid by two feet. Apparently she does everything she can to violate or add to the uniform policy, thus the nickname.  (I may be at fault as I let her put on lipstick, paint her nails in rainbow patterns and let her wear 5 different bows if she wants all at once).When I read the text from her teacher dubbing her the Fresh Prince of Bel Air though I had to ask Adam to take over the discipline while I laughed into the microwave.

Paleo Blueberry Lemon Almond Bread!! YUMMY

Carrots, Almond crusted salmon and zucchini...YUMMY!!!

You know you have a true best friend we she pushes the 4 youngest in one cart while you shop together :). This ended with her daughter asleep in her arms, me pulling and pushing and Sprouts knowing all of our kiddos names :)

I love partner workout day at and Leianne (blonde from picture above) kick butt..we beat times and didn't take the "modified" version he offered to the ladies :).

Do you see Mark Cuban standing up in the crowd?

We got great seats to a Mavs Game from one of Adam's contractors!

It took a couple of batches but I have mastered Paleo tortillas!

Goobers favorite Paleo breakfast..Blueberry Honey pancakes and a banana!

I love to use my crockpot! Slow cooked carrots, onions and shredded chicken over spinach..I probably topped this with salsa or hot sauce...we also like the same version of this with pork...everyone gobbles it up!!!

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