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Monday, February 15, 2016

Love is...

I totally stole that title from another blog I read..but it seemed to fit.  Happy Valentines Day...Adam and I got away for the night and ate at Cheesecake Factory. Then we headed over to watch the movie 13 hours about Benghazi....ahh, super frustrating and super inspiring at the same time!

Love is finding friends who will run 10 miles with you in 32 degree weather starting at 5 am on a Saturday. We rocked it!

Love is spending the whole day with your girl, getting pedicures, attending a Frozen themed tea, having fun at a birthday party and then ending the night with SUSHI!!!

Love is Elsa's magic frozen hot chocolate!

Love is mommy and daughter sharing the "tickle" gene when anyone comes near our feet :)

Love is having a daughter who wants to try new food and can't wait to  "be like mommy" and eat sushi!!

Love is a creator who constantly shows his love for us in the most amazing ways!
Love is men who invest in my men. Mr. Delph is the epitome of what a disciple maker should be. I am so thankful for his investment in my kiddos and husbands life!

Big Man was not so sure about the mascot.

Love is realizing that it takes a village as your youngest receives the Daniel Award for the month of January. GREAT JOB BIG MAN!

Love is having your little boy show obedience and reverence at school!
Love is having family who live really far away celebrate your Daniel Award with you!!!!

Love is girlfriends who will drive 1.5 hours with you to shop and spend the day nurturing each others souls..and LOVE IS ABSOLUTELY THE DADDIES WHO WATCH THE KIDDOS ALL DAY!!
Love is having your not so little brother be a man that you are super proud of and inspired by!

Love is being able to laugh at life's greatest triumphs and deepest struggles with your best friend. So glad to have him by my side.

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