Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sick Days

I'm at home again today. I stayed home yesterday after finally listening to my body ...and my husband ...oh and Urgent Care. I have a double ear infection, sinus infection and bronchitis ...I'm on 4 meds ..but I honestly don't have time to be sick. I actually knew I was sick for at least a week but couldn't find time to deal with it...until I threw up all over myself Saturday night while having a coughing fit. I did rest most of Sunday after getting back from Urgent Care and picking up meds. Wednesday morning I hit a wall and decided to stay at home and rest.

Today, my youngest decided to give me another 1/2 day at home to rest. He woke up complaining of his ear hurting. We took his temperature, nothing and sent him back to bed. He honestly seemed fine this morning but around 10:30 we got the phone call from the nurse that he was still complaining of an earache and now had spiked a fever. So we are at home, waiting to check sister out of school and head to Fort Worth for a doctor visit at 4. I am somewhat grateful for another day of rest..but my days of rest really look like cooking meals for the week, cleaning out closets and catching up reading for professional development.

It always works out that we can't ever all be sick at the same time...1 or 2 days apart and just enough to throw off our whole week. It always happens to be a very busy week at school and socially...meh, we will get through it.

Hanging out with Adam's best buddies from high school.

I'm so thankful for Adam and Matt's relationship.

One of my favorite snacks. Banana with shredded dates and almonds on top.

We let her pick out her clothes for church on Sunday...she gives Punky Brewster a run for her money!

We love acorn squash bowls...bacon, spinach and creamy squash!

Pea puree, pork, dates and apples.

This cute little thing started gymnastics and LOVES it!

Spinach, pork, homemade guacamole, pineapple and salsa...YUM

Running with my group...until I got sick, I have been running indoors to recover.

Nerd Day at school....I think we got it covered!

Someone got a Daniel Sticker for obedience. 

Team Day!

Eating lunch with my kiddos, Ribbit loves energy bites!

Movie Character Day!

Another sweet Daniel award for showing kindness!

School Spirit Day!


Our sweet friends!

A little too cool for his momma somedays :)

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