Monday, November 2, 2015

October Review

We have had a great October and today was pretty fantastic as we all got an extra hour of sleep last night.

Some memories from the past month are...

Baby Boy yelling " I LOVE YOU TOO" to us as we leave, even if we haven't said I love you yet, he automatically throws in the "too".

Baby Boy and Ribbit blowing me kisses until I am completely out of sight as I drop them off for school every day. They also catch my kisses that I blow and slap them on their head.

Goober coming in every Wednesday night to tell us about what he learned at church.

Stuffing 6 extra legs for Ribbit to wear for her Octopus costume...then watching her hobble down the street with a  sway so that she wouldn't get tangled up in them.

Listening to Ribbit read and sound out lots of words. Today during the sermon anytime he said "circle this word" she would write the word and then draw a big circle around it..she is getting so good at sounding words out and the best part is she loves to read now!!

Watching Ribbit raise her hands during worship..she may not know the song but her hands are lifted and she knows that we are worshipping the living God.

Both of my boys got Daniel stickers this month...Baby Boy for being reverent during chapel and my Big Man for being committed and taking notes in chapel without being told to. He has taken his new bible to school daily and I think its safe to say all of his teachers have been told about it 2-3 times.

A not so great parenting moment happened yesterday at a Halloween party. Big Man isn't used to seeing can beer and so he saw the can, saw the word BEER and thought it was Root Beer. I walked by a big group of guys, including Adam, watching TV and saw him drinking it and about came out of my skin. He said it didn't taste that bad....geesh.

All in all the kids have had a very busy month full of soccer and baseball games, going to watch our school's football game (including one time in the press box), attending birthday parties, jumping on the trampoline, riding scooters and playing with friends at parks.

Mom and Dad have been pretty productive this month too. Adam got all of the tile laid in the front foyer, almost all of the new cabinets sanded, the wainscoting up and some of the finishing trim up in the kitchen.

I was still able to get in 100 miles this month even with being sick for a week with the stomach bug and having to stay in on the treadmill at least 3x on rainy days. The treadmill runs go by much slower than running with my friends but at least I have it and I am able to do interval training on it which gets my heart rate up!!

Mrs. Octopus and Mr. Sharky..both of them loved the fact that it was raining on Reformation Day at school so that they could "live". We made Ribbit's costume out of tights that we stuffed. Baby Boy's costume is a sweatsuit from Target that I hot glued felt teeth, belly and fin on. He can wear it all winter!

Shaking his fin!
Doughnuts with Daddy really early at Cougar Pride Day at school.

Its hard to PR on the treadmill as every time I get back on from weights I have to work back up to my speed.
Up in the press box watching the football game and eating candy with his buds!

Back outside I got my time back down...however, this was a very slippery run in the rain...I slipped several times even with my trail running shoes on..I HAD TO GET IN AT LEAST ONE OUTDOOR RUN THAT WEEK THOUGH!
One of my favorite projects that our pre-grammar/grammar school art teacher does every year. Check out what this little man had to say. "Tiger's blood" is a snow cone flavor by the way :).
One of my favorite meals this month, pan seared Salmon in coconut oil .I added hot sauce to it and snow peas.
I will post Science Night and Halloween pictures later. Time for some Master Chef Jr. with the kids and then bed time..Monday's are always hard but add a 4:45 5 mile run on one end and a baseball game to the other and it becomes EXHAUSTING!!!

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