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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thinking out Loud

Friday night was our annual action at our school. Daddy raised 3800 with his "Buddy the Elf experience"!!! We are so proud of him!

He was so stinking hilarious..I was crying and sweating from laughing so hard.
Today has been a whirlwind Saturday and not because we had our usual 5000 things to fact Goober was the only one who had anywhere to be and that was a birthday party at 2. However, my day began with a headache and a 5 o'clock run....that everyone but one other girl bailed on me for. SOO, we changed plans last minute to run in a higher traffic/more light area and ended up getting in 5 miles before the sun ever came up.

From there, I went straight to a yardsale that a friend of mine had told me about. Her aunt had recently died and they found that she had TONS of clothes, shoes and jewelry that all had price tags on it still! So, for $47 bucks total I got 5 dresses, 17 tops, jackets and skirts, bras, tights, 5 sets of jewelry, 4 scarves, a cute wooden sign and a plate was crazy. Many people left with boxes full of clothes...I am always weird about sizes though and I tend to over think everything. I tried on everything when I got home and out of everything only found 3 things that didn't fit that well that I am going to give to a friend who is similar in size. Good thing the lady only wore size 7-8 shoes or I would have come home with a lot more. I dug through clothes for close to an hour there, took just as long to resort my choices and pay and then I had a hair appt at 8.....all with a headache, and popping advil .....I was in a total cloud!

From there we have watched a lot of football, taken naps, watched old videos that the kids found on the iPad while trying to be sneaky and download games. We are all showered and warm finally and are cuddled on the couch to watch a masterchef junior before bedtime.

Highlights from our week have been:

1-no one is sick, well Baby Boy has a very dry cough but everyone went to school all 5 days
2-Baby Boy decided to donate his "veggie straws" to the can food drive at school. He said " I donated my vegetables"..hehe
3-Goober played his last baseball game of the season and they won....he even got in a double!
4-Ribbit had two art pieces chosen for a local competition....this art teacher momma may have shed a tear or two. It was a blind competition so the judge had no clue they were picking two pieces from the same student ;). She is so excited.

Getting out all the crazies before school starts!

Mom's extra closet comes in handy on sick days!
Our little artist made a countdown until we go to Arkansas

He was so sad that I sent him cheesy veggie straws...until he tasted one :)

Bring Bring...she was answering her sandwich phone :)
One of my 9th grade student designed a henna tattoo for my  hands that went through the life of Christ..its beautiful...I still have it!

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