Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Does God Exist?

We had a really good class on Sunday discussing one of the big questions, "Does God Exist?" 

This is Adam "The Dad" by the way(BTW). 

It was such a "hot topic" we ran out of time trying to fit everything in one class time.  One of our friends wanted to go after church to discuss it more with the whole class.  I didn't realize it would be a big subject matter.  I mean, we all should believe that God exists in a Sunday School class right? 

The issue did not relate to a lack of belief in God as the ultimate supreme being that formed the Heavens and the Earth.  It developed out of a sense of our individual understanding of who God is in our personal relationship with Him.  Explaining that relationship through a distorted America-centric point of view became the real topic.  We have clouded our minds with what the true importance of a real relationship with God is.  This personal relationship we each have with the Creator is not something that can be found in Hollywood or down the street at 7-eleven.  It is a unique experience that does not rely on any doubt of God as a supreme being but rather it relies on the depth we choose to go with God.

The draw to Christianity for me is the beauty and wisdom of the Gospel.  It relies on one thing, God's love for us.  Jesus came to this Earth to offer me a way to experience the right creation God intended for me to be a part of.  I cannot wait until that day comes! However, that offer can be so much deeper on Earth with my decisions I can make each day.  Yes, I know that one day I will experience the true beauty of a perfect creation where God's Love Wins, but I can be a part of that Love while here and the more I choose to experience it the more it radiates into those around me.  Isn't that a beautiful thing we can take part in?  In beginning in my knowledge of who God is I am able to perceive a real perspective on what life is really about.  It is not about the creation we are currently experiencing or the way in which it was created.  It is about the story God has written for each of us.

Our unique life story that has already been written is an opportunity to bring the most Glory to God in our short time.  Are we called to not search out His hand print in creation? No, quite the opposite. God has given us intelligent minds to search Him out in every aspect of who He is.  He is a creator, inventor, lover in the truest sense.  He is every good part of us and creation that we perceive in its perfect form.  The fun is searching out what He has written us for and looking back to see that story dancing between struggles and victories. 

I don't have anything together and yet I am still able to see that small glimpse of what God has in store for me as a Dad, Husband, Brother, and Son.  I am not living up to the potential God has set before me.  That is the Wisdom of the Gospel in my life.  I am grown through that relationship I can develop with God if I take the time to spend it with Him. 

So, Does God Exist? Well, that is not the question I am worthy to ask, rather the question I have to ask is, "Am I choosing the best existence God has for me?"

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