Thursday, September 24, 2015

Proud Moments

Does anyone else get super duper excited as Fall approaches? We do! I got to be a stay at home mom today as Baby Boy woke up with Pink Eye around 3 this morning. I immediately started medicating him with drops and by 3 today he was bouncing around like his usual floppy headed self (I can totally hear my dad calling him that). Anyways, since he wasn't the kind of sick that required us to stay home we went and did some grocery shopping, fitness gear shopping (SO EXCITED to share that) and some cooking.

We bought every vegetable that we could possibly roast and while he took a nap I chopped them up, sprinkled them with ground ginger, cumin, paprika, cinnamon, nutmeg and garam masala and roasted away. We even made dinner for our friend who just had a double mastectomy and delivered it to her and visited some.

Today was my day off of exercising but since I bought some new fitness gear (SO EXCITED) I had to try it out. So I got in 1.3 miles of running while pushing my 40 lb 3 year old in his stroller (talk about sweat) and then another 1.4 miles in walking as he colored with sidewalk chalk. We ended our day with swings, talking with Uncle Chris and free slushes at Sonic with our bubba and sister, thanks to our local radio station KLTY.

So not only is my house clean (I also did dishes and laundry), but I have dinner for the rest of the week prepared, half of a test written for Bible and a fantastic new FITNESS DEVICE TO the suspense killing you?

Here are my proud moments for all 5 of us this past week.

Adam-Not only did he work a full day on Tuesday, he told me to go eat with our mutual friends after we were both invited....thus he was on after school duty which included cheer practice for Ribbit. He then got home, watched the kids while I scrambled their dinner together, did dinner, gave baths and then decided to go help our neighbor that we barely know. He could see him struggling to dig out some plumbing issue so he went into his mosquito infested yard and helped as much as he could. WHAT A GUY!

Goober-I can name every tune he plays on the violin. He was amazed when I started singing along to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jingle Bells and Jolly Old St.Nicholas. He said " you can tell what those are"....and I said "quite easily". My heart also leapt when Goober brought home a .....wait for it.....100 on his last math test. I mean if you only knew what our day looks like when we start math HW or what our day looks like when we go over his last math test and we look to see what directions he didn't follow because he wanted to be the first to turn it in. Its quite frustrating for everyone involved. His teacher scared the beejeebies out of me when she sent me an email that was titled " What did Eli do now?". I did'n't want to open it...but when I did she had scanned in his test grade as a picture for us to about heart failure!!!! GOOD JOB BUDDY!!!

Ribbit-This little girl has caught the LOVE OF LEARNING bug. She is doing so well and God is showing us again and again that making her stay in kindergarten again was a wise choice. For the first time ever, she wrote her FIRST AND LAST name by herself!!! She was so stinking proud and I loved watching her form all of the letters with her lips first and then practice drawing them in the air before she wrote it on paper. She also read her FIRST BOOK "I can hop". She pointed to every word and every time she would turn the page she would say "watch mommy, its magic....ssswiiisshhh". We fist bumped several times when she finished and we all made a huge deal out of it.

Baby Boy- I get an email at least once of week about his fantastic behavior or his cute curiosity from a teacher. He even got a Daniel Sticker for not giving into bad behavior when everyone else in Spanish class was doing so. He knows the sign language to all of "trust and obey" and his music teacher said that he is the only three year old who will do it the whole way through. He truly is a sponge, soaking up every thing you say, every face you make, every conversation you have and he spits it all back out!!! We are so proud of him for keeping his nap mat dry every day this past week too!

Momma-I just have to tell you how proud I am of my time at my last race this past weekend. I ran a 20 k at an 8.22 mile minute average. I stayed with my friend the first two miles to warm up but when she told me I could go ahead, I DID. I have the race pictures to prove just how much energy it required to keep that pace but it was well worth it. I saw my kiddos and the finish line both at the same time after the last long hill and I sprinted. I felt so good afterwards physically but mentally I was drained. I have never talked to myself that much in my life....its funny how much time I spend physically preparing myself for races but I psych myself out over the mental part. Today as I was telling my brother about it he said "if that is what you have to do to get through the race then that is totally ok"...another reason I so love my little brother...he is always so proud of me and encourages me to keep going!

Ribbit sporting my medal!

I started at minute 3 which knocked my time down some but I am so stinking proud. 

I really could have cried though as I finished mile 12 and immediately heard my kiddos voices saying "mommy mommy". I also pictured them a lot of the race and told myself that hearing their voices and hugging them was worth it all. I also couldn't wait to hang my medal around Ribbit's neck as she was the only one who even cared about it :). Goober immediately took my free hat and Baby Boy took the only thing I had left, my water....who needs water after a 13 mile run anyways :).

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