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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Birthday Party Overload

It has been one of those weeks where we are doing just enough to keep our heads above water. Our house is a disaster and we are all 100% ok with that. We have better things to do like attend a bajillion birthday parties, go cheer on our Cougars and Tigers at athletic events, attend concerts at church and for in 26-30 miles of running a week to train for all of my upcoming races.

Baby Boy is still loving every bit of school. I overhead him tell his teacher "Alright Perona (he  hasn't grasped that there should be a Mrs. before her name yet) "Alright Perona, is it time for a WESSON?". He was sitting in her lap as he asked it. She said "Yes, Baby Boy its time for  a WESSON' and off all 5 of them went to sit at their tables and get ready to learn!!! Cutest thing ever. He also asked to hold my mirror one day and told me to look at it. He said "see Mommy, we look like God, we are made in his image". Done!!!!, he could graduate tomorrow only knowing that and I would feel like all of my tuition was well worth it!!

Ribbit is also doing fantastic, learning how to write her last name and sounding out words on her own. She loves coming home and telling us the bible story she studied that day and how "sad it was that Cain used a stick to kill his brother Abel but we aren't really sure it was a stick, it could be anything like a stick or a rock". Her artistic skills are showing up in other areas of her life too. Her teacher sent me a text of her math practice sheet. Not only did Ribbit draw all of her shapes correctly and draw the right amount but she also colored them in with polka dots, diagonal lines and colored in the background with Cougar colors. When I asked Ribbit if she wanted to be an art teacher like mommy she said "well if you are still alive then we can both teach art at CCA". Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Goober loves all things 5th grade but is once again starting to let some things slide. The best part is that Adam and I are both in and out of his building all day long so we get updates constantly!!! We know that he isn't listening in Bible, that he is offering to help others in math, that he earned 4 Daniel Merits for being courteous and that his teachers all think he is a fun sensitive kid. Thats our boy in a nutshell ;). He is playing baseball again and I'm always so impressed by his pitching skills even though I see it every season. He picks up where he left off and every coach is impressed by his left handed abilities! He is also getting pretty consistent at batting. He (and us) are having to adjust to much longer practices and prioritizing HW/ dinner time as a family and church events.

Auction/Boxing Event with my girls!!

Someone thinks that they are big enough to be a Smash Brother!!!

If you look close enough you will see 3 brown kiddos out there dancing at a birthday party!

Another Covenant Big Bash where everyone was invited!! Love our school!

At the boxing event with my good looking man.

Last Saturday's birthday party gifts....whew wee, that was a whirlwind day but LOTS OF FUN!

You get the full treatment when your momma is the face painter at birthday parties!

The two littles LOVES this karate birthday party. The people who owned the business couldn't get over how serious Baby Boy took the whole thing. He would call out the leaders if they didn't answer back with "YES SIR"!

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