Sunday, June 6, 2010

We are back!!! 6-5-10

We are back!! We landed here at 4:30 this afternoon, 30 minutes ahead of time. We got bumped to an earlier flight leaving Pensacola to Atlanta because of bad weather. Our flights were less than great. In fact, I couldn't down any food after lunch on Friday. The flight from Atlanta to Tel Aviv was very bumpy and everytime they would sat food in front of us, the plane would shake, I would gag, and the guy sitting beside me would jump up. We got here though and everyone sang and clapped when we landed. I am not sure if it was bad weather or not but I sure did a whole lotta praying :). Also, my TV was the only one not working on the whole plane. They had to restart it twice and it never worked. So I watched one movie on Adam's TV and read/slept the rest of the time. Adam watched Sherlock Holmes, Legion and the Book of Eli...he also ate everything they sat in front of him and me :).He's got a steel stomach.
We were met by Boon and Dr. Mitchell at the airport and got to Neve Shalom about 6:20.We spruced up a little and then went to meet everyone for dinner. It was soooooo good to see familiar faces and my stomach automatically settled. Adam and I's room in down on the hill and we have a beautiful balcony with a gorgeous view of the Judean foothills and in the distance Tel Aviv.
More Later...time for lecture!!!!!!
Thanks for your prayers!!!!

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  1. Excited for you guys. Kinzie, sorry the flight wasn't as great as you hoped. Looking forward to pics and stories!