Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today we surveyed a really large hay wheat field…long enough that it took us the entire morning to transect it. We thought it would never end. We had break in an olive orchard. The orchard was unkept and we thought that is probably how it would have looked in Jesus’s day.

Tonight Adam and I stayed at Yad Hashmona, close to Abu Gosh ( an arab village) which is in between Neve Shalom and Jerusalem. Neve Shalom overbooked and asked if they could put us up over here, along with another couple for the night. Yad Hashmona is considered a biblical village and was established with the assistance of the Swiss Beth Shalom society and the IAA. The name of the village was chosen as a memorial to the eight Jews who were sent by the Finland government to the Germans during World War 2. Several Israeli Messanic Jews joined along with this community to build the guest houses. Its situated in the Judean foothills and was very nice. The dinner was the best part….i’m drooling right now. Actually, the dessert was the best part. During dinner, I kept putting a heaping spoonful of stuff in my mouth( not knowing what it was ) and going “ech”. Adam kept saying “you can’t make that sound here, they know what that means”. Most everything was great, but I did spit three things out. Dessert was a dark dark chocolate deamy torte, coffee mouse on a chocolate crumb crust and a baklava pie cake heavenly thingy!!!!!!!

We are leaving at 5:30 in the morning tomorrow for the Galilee…I’m sure I will have much more to write about then!

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