Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday 6/10

Today we covered lots of ground....and I mean lots. We mostly walked orchards, with some hay fields as well. Some of the fields we walked had nets over them to keep out the bugs and the nets actually kept the smells in as well. Just imagine, being engulfed in the smells of fresh figs and nectarines....YUMMM! It reminded me of my grandparents and I kept hoping to find large ripe figs that had fallen so I could eat them without feeling guilty.
Tonight Neve Shalom is treating us to Israeli BBQ on the balcony. I have to say that the food this year has been wonderful, not that it wasn't last year but I think I just really loves all of their veggies!
Tomorrow night Adam and I are going to stay in another hotel a little ways down the road. Neve Shalom overbooked and has offered to put us up in an Arab village close to the Elvis restaurant we ate at last year. We are excited and ready to see another hotel and city. We will also be eating there, which could be good or bad :).
No more snakes, thank ya JESUS!!!, more spiders and a guard dog. Other than that the weather is still pretty nice, warming up just a tad.
Adam and I have been making treks to the pool everyday when we get back and that has been very relaxing.
Trivia for the day. Gezer means "carrot" in modern Hebrew and meant "sword" in biblical Hebrew.

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