Saturday, June 19, 2010


I'm hoping that this will reach some very special men tomorrow morning. We will be touring around Israel but Adam and I will both be thinking of them and thanking God for them.

To my dad- WE LOVE YOU!! Thanks for being a great dad and giving me my love for art. Thank you for spending countless nights on the phone with me, talking with me until I fell asleep. Thank you for always reminding me to love, be good to and take care of my husband. Thank you for being kewl- I mean what other dad rides a motorcycle, plays a wicked guitar and sports a handlebar mustache? I hope your Fathers Day is wonderful and full of laughter and good food :) ( even though food is fuel right?) Adam says keep jammin till your fingers bleed!!

To my father in law- WE LOVE YOU!! Thank you for being a father in law that supports us in every way. Thank you for teaching my husband how to follow Christ and to seek Him out. Thank you for teaching him how to be a gentlemen and encouraging him to be romantic :). Thank you for loving travel as much as we do ( can't wait for our Virgin Island trip). I hope your Fathers Day is wonderful and full of laughter and good food. Adam says don't forget your sense of humor and excellent use of puns :).

To my Papa Coleman- WE LOVE YOU!! Thank you for taking me on rides around " our circle". Thank you for letting me taste test your coffee every morning. Thank you for wonderful mornings with Grandma Coleman eating tomatoes and rice and sausage!!! Thank you for nights in the swimming pool and building us a playhouse!!! Thank you for keeping up with me and always wanting me to come live right smack beside you :). I hope you have a wonderful Fathers Day!!! You are sooo special to me !!! Adam says "Hopefully they will find a biblical site in Enon, Florida so we can move closer to you :)"

To Papa Mashburn- WE LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for letting us ( not letting us ) peel out in the go cart. Thank you for letting us explore the wild forests and pastures behind your house. Thank you for all the homegrown goods that gave us stories to tell our friends and future kids. We hope you are feeling better and that your leg/hip is healing right up! Have a wonderful Fathers Day!!! Kinzie says " Thank you for always treating me like family, never as a guest"

To Pop Harvell- WE LOVE YOU!! Thank you for hours and hours of lifelong experiences you told us, even times we didn't want to hear it :). Thank you for taking me flying, even though I am terribly afraid of heights. Thank you for taking pride in our family heritage and putting all of the Harvell history together. We hope you have a wonderful Fathers Day!! Kinzie says " Thanks for putting us up on our last visit there...we hope to come see you soon, but this time do I have to drink the buttermilk? :)

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  1. Thanks Kinzie and Adam, I forwarded it to Sue and we'll print and pass it to PawPaw. Makes me feel loved- maybe I'll hear from Jason today, too!