Sunday, June 4, 2017

The last days of nothingness

We are really good at summer...maybe too good at it. We stay up a little later, the kiddos and their daddy are great at sleeping in :), and we enjoy wearing ourselves out every day!

Our favorite outings have been with friends at the pool-racing to find the rings that momma throws in for them...and they love it when I shout Warm or Cold depending on how close they are. They love to race down the slides and then of course they love flipping and hand stands.

We have also loved going to the park right after breakfast, before its unbearably hot and playing Ninja Warrior. I make up an obstacle course through the park equipment and time them. Goobers of course is much harder-they love cheering each other on and trying to beat each other and their own times. Of course we have to start getting creative as others show up and we have to make sure we aren't knocking them down. My favorite memories of Ninja Warrior so far have been
Goober-falling and getting two bloody knees as he ran across a balance beam-did he care?Nope, said "i am ok" and kept racing so that it didn't mess with his time.
Little Man-sprinting to tag my hand and in the process losing his shorts---he loves to wear his bubba's shorts as he outgrows them but they are still a bit big ;).
Ribbit- OH MY WORD I DIED LAUGHING DURING BOTH OF THESE. If you know my Ribbit you know that she can find a needle in a haystack, no exaggeration! She constantly collects little pieces of treasure (aka CRAP)everywhere we go. Well in the middle of her turn at the obstacle course she dropped from the monkey bars, sat down in the mulch, dug for a moment and excitedly held up a piece of some game.....we reminded her she was being timed and she said "oh yeah" and stuck the treasure in her pocket. Another obstacle was counting the "red pavers" and telling me the correct #. She stopped at #25 and looked at me and said " I actually think we should call these "pink pavers, they aren't really red". Geeesh.

We went to REI yesterday and basically bought the whole store as we countdown towards our 15 day expedition around the Southwest....the clues are all done, reservations are all made, t-shirts are 99% done and now I am waiting back from 2 places I contacted for some special details for Goober's birthday. Everyone I have told asks if they can buy this trip from me.....hmm, 60 clues over 15 days, 6 different kinds of lodging, all kinds of puzzles, clues and challenges that make the kids learn as they have fun and making countless reservations....I MEAN its priceless right :). However, spreadsheets are my happy place so honestly I think this would be the best job ever! Plus its really tailored to my 1 way its tailored towards the ages of my kiddos and their interests....2-its also tailored to challenge us...even me, I do not like horseback riding (after being thrown off by a bucking horse as a kid) and I am severely claustrophobic....yet I booked 1.5 hours of horseback riding through Monument Valley and a 2 hour guided hike through Lower Antelope Canyon in which you descend 5 flights of ladders and walk through a deep crevice while the sunlight peeks through holes....UGH. BUT, I will not miss out on life due to my fears...I want to get over them and show my kids that most of our fears are mental and that we can absolutely face them and conquer them. We can trust God in every situation and we can push our self!!!!

VBS starts next week and the week after that is ART CAMP...the kids are stoked..I am getting there :), I really like this whole free to do whatever thing we got going ;). Days of nothingness are quite nice.

A birthday party for a friend..meant swimming in the rain and eating ice cream cones in the pool!

Sweet first grade friends. 

All the girls on the float!

I have some of the best, cutest, lovely friends! That Ribbit's first grade teacher beside me, yes, she is famous around this house!

More hairstyles!

Memorial Day with our grilled Johnsonville sausage and a beautiful sunny day!

I sent this to all my girlfriends and asked them which one they would choose....they all said D...I was A all the way!!!!!!

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