Monday, June 12, 2017

Art camp starts tomorrow

We made it through a very fun weekend...exhausting but fun!

We had to get to bed early Friday night because we all had early mornings on Saturday.

The boys had a Father/Son Amazing race to take part in. They loved it...they had 15 different countries to go to ...each represented by a station inside a local large park. They had to do detours and road blocks which included jumping on trampolines, wearing lederhosens (no clue how to spell that), eat sardines, braid hair and complete various exercises. They were nice and sweaty after but Goober managed to get first place in his age category and Adam won a doorprize. Little Man kept up with them and did his best to run the whole time!!! I kept asking them "if you think 2 hours is exhausting do you think you could do 2 whole weeks of an Amazing Race?"......trying to feel them out for this upcoming trip you which they said "yes if we stay in hotels"....hehe, tent, wigwam, teepee, hotel same thing right?

I met my girls (Tammy and Carrie) for an 8 mile run as we train for our next 1/2 marathon. We met halfway between our homes and Carries new home an hour away and ran a beautiful new trail with wide trails and BIG HILLS!!!! We talked the whole time and completely caught up on life!!!

After that I was off to teach a pottery class before lunch and a Painting birthday party that afternoon. I had been outside in the heat for over 10 hours at that point and was completely dehydrated so coming home and watching TV after a big dinner SOUNDED FANTASTIC.

Today we started off our day with my parents, every Sunday at 7:15 on the dot we began eating breakfast while facetiming with them. My friends jokingly refer to it as the Gilmore Girl breakfast but its nothing like that. Its just the best time for both families to sit down for an hour and chat. Then we headed off to church-which was weird to not be going dressed in our purple VBS shirts and singing "Galatic Starveyors".

After Sunday School and Big Church (I don't care if we call them Connect Groups and Corporate Worship...they will always be Sunday school and big church to me!), we headed over to have lunch provided by the church and shoot some footage for a special sermon on Fathers Day that our pastor is leading on "Adoption, Father to the Fatherless". They have already interviewed Adam for another part of the video so I am sure I'll need kleenex when we get to see it next week.

That little photo shoot for adoption after church sparked a conversation later on about how before adoption they were all considered half siblings...same mom, all different dads. BUT, BECAUSE OF THE GIFT OF ADOPTOIN, they are all FULL SIBLINGS. They have the same mom, ME, and the same dad, Adam...they are fully restored. We are a full family, no steps or half relationships to explain. Because God adopts us into his family we are fully restored to Him, there is nothing that can separate us from HIM!!!

Then the girls headed over to a friends baby shower. Ribbit loves coming with me to showers and loves to entertain herself by making movies on my phone, playing with the other kids and eating all the good shower food.

The boys stayed home and got Goober packed for Dry Gulch Student Camp and our trip as he won't be home between the two trips. They also got some stuff ready for our Grand Canyon trip and got some lunches together for the week as we will be going in all different directions to Art Camp, football and basketball practice, CCA Camp and work this week.

Tonight after dinner we had such a great family time. We did our bible reading for the day and then got into a great long discussion about the sermon this morning. We have loved our pastors sermons on the Psalms and how David points out all the ways you can see and hear God. We can't wait to read through some of the Psalms while we are looking at the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Gooseneck Bend, Mexican Hat, Horeseshoe Bend, etc. 

VBS Day 2 with Lillie and Kate

Snack time may have been Little Man's favorite rotation!

Galaxy Nails for VBS!!!

Galaxy face paint for Day 5!

On the way to the pool that afternoon the kids said " you look like Aunt Robin".....which is HUGE COMPLIMENT!!!

My friend sent me this sweet pictures from VBS. This is her daughter, Grace as we made comets out of their handprints.

8 sweaty miles with my girls!

The team with the most handsome guys for sure!

Daddy wore this child out, shorts on backwards, new water shoes still on from the store and all up in the couch cushions!

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