Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Gonna say Yeah yeah yeah Yes, to Va Va Va VBS!

We really do love VBS...its done so well by our church and the kids love the theme every year. We also get another great CD full of VBS songs that last us a whole year---songs are even better when you know all the movements to them!!
This year, Goober is a youth and is helping in Kinder-3rd grade crafts and LOVES IT.
Ribbit is on her own in 1st grade-I normally direct her grade.
Me and Little Man are in pre-school (our last year) and I am working in preschool crafts....which is on the other end of the spectrum from high school art. I think I tell myself to dumb it down about every 5 minutes. So far I have been sneezed (like wet and stringy) on, tooted on and burped on.....I can totally take that from my own kids but other kids make me gag.

We have been swimming a ton too..the kids really love water guns, swimming laps and finding rings. We met our sweet friend Olyve and her mom Veronica again Monday and the kids swam in the rain about 75% of the time and could have cared less. Little Man thought it was hysterical to shoot me with his water gun, i agreed until I was completely dry and took a direct shot to the face!

Goober has been finding out that getting older has it perks as he has gone to late night pizza parties at our neighbors home, played pick up basketball at school with friends, been allowed to ride his bike up the school for football and basketball practice and allowed to make some decisions on how to spend his money lately. So far, so good.

All of the kids have hit big reading minute goals at the library. They got their first set of prizes today which encouraged them to read even more. Goober has 1500, Ribbit has 1000 and Little Man has 500! I plan on checking out some audio books for our big road trip to make sure they stay engaged in their reading goals!

In our morning bible reading we have been able to have lots of "Fun" (very sarcastic font needed) conversations about circumcision, why Abram slept with Hagar and why women normally don't have babies at 90 years old. Goober doens't make too much eye contact with me during those conversations. I always love that we end with singing and dancing to our favorite songs. The kids take turns picking and I am always surprised at their choices and what they remember from church worship or from the car radio.

Adam is almost done with the master closet remodel. Remember, he took out 1/3 of the playroom to make our walk in master. After Ribbit, Little Man and I painted it he added flooring, shelving, drawers, a hamper area, an ironing area and can lights. The last thing is the trim and door!

Two neat things-1) I SWEAR I SAW PRESIDENT BUSH AT THE GYM THIS MORNING! He gave me the presidential nod and wave and I was dumbstruck, like couldn't close my mouth. No one believes me but he does live in the DFW area!!!!

2-Ever since seeing the movie, War Room, I have longede for a place where I could wage war myself and pray daily. I have 3 other girlfriends who hold me accountable to praying, reading the bible, some form of worship and exercising daily. We ask each other daily and I LOVE that they don't make excuses to get it done. Sometimes we finish all of it at 9 at night but its a part of grounding ourselves in Christ. A lot of times that exercise time is a prayer run around our church and school as we take turns praying out loud-my favorite runs by far!! Anyways, I FOUND A PERFECT PRAYER SPOT.   .......THE SAUNA. Seriously, I normally go in there for anywhere from 10-20 minutes after working out and NO one talks to each other in there. Its awkward to talk to people in swim suits, shorts, speedos who are dripping sweat and/or listening to their own headphones. Therefore its silent and I can honestly close my eyes and zone out to pray. It has been wonderful!!!!!! Find a prayer room!

Check out the moves of the cute little girl in the green swim suit and pigtails. This was the end of the year splash party at church and some of the kids wanted to play soccer at the sport court.....this is a huge deal coming from the girl who used to get Cougar Alerts at PE for saying "I dont' run" to her PE teacher daily. She has really developed a love for soccer!

I took this without anyone knowing. I was baking breakfast for the next day and then cleaned up the kitchen and for a solid 25 minutes there was complete silence as they all 3 read...without being told to!!

This picture makes me happy. My sweet friend Carrie, (on the left) moved 1 hour away right as summer started. I ran the Disney Marathon with her and am signed up to do the Fairy Tale weekend with her and Tammy(also pictured) at Disney in Feb. Anyways, we hadn't run together in 2 weeks so the 3 of us met 1/2 way to get in 5 miles on Sunday morning. 

I always know that Ribbit is done when she asks for my phone to take a picture!

The first day of VBS...I don't mind that he is stuck to me....won't last too long!

We took this to send to Daddy...with the VBS sign in the background! See those storm clouds rolling in?

Those clouds didn't stop us from swimming though...this is Olyve and her mom Veronica...don't Ribbit and Olyve look like sisters? They love each other and Ribbit has developed a love for chicken salad sandwiches after always having a bite of Olyves!!!

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