Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October Catch Up

My post frequency has been slacking since school started. Add in 4 days of the stomach bug and I was not in the mood to do anything but survive. I took one 1/2 sick day and the rest of the time I was encouraging my students to steer clear of me and hoping that I wouldn't pass out. I wasn't hungry at all but had to force feed myself small snacks so that I wouldn't get too dizzy when I stood up. It was awful and I just wanted to sleep..which I did a lot of. I took 2 solid days off from working out and the 3rd and 4th day I walked 2 miles, ran 2 miles...all on the treadmill so that I could take breaks..and I did :). To make matters even worse, I had a huge event at school to get prepared for and I felt like I was going to let down lots of people if I didn't get back to 100% before this weekend. The good news is that I watched a full season of Fixer Upper and have all sorts of new ideas for the rest of our kitchen remodel and our upcoming Master bath and closet remodel. I also watched a full season of the Food Truck Race...which may or may not have been the best choice as I had to turn it off several times due to the nausea the images of fried food gave me.

All that said, I am back and running all full cylinders, except being sore and tired from my great weight room workout on Sunday..thats the usual though and I love it.

Big Man (previously known as Baby Boy) earned a Daniel Sticker this past week for being reverent. We asked him what reverence was and he said " I don't know poophead" while he shook his head...he's basically a 16 year old trapped in a curly headed ninnymuggan's body. While it was funny, I had to discipline for the poophead thing and question his teacher's ability to spot reverence :).
He has been playing soccer like a pro...scoring 3-5 goals per game, some for his team, some for the other, hey who's keeping score at 3 years old? He won the medal for "paying attention" this past week which was stinking hilarious since his coach had to literally spin him around several times to get his hand unstuck from the soccer net. There was also the time I marched out onto the field and snapped at him several times to make sure he had not fallen asleep while standing up....turns out there was some rather interesting stain on his shirt that captured his full attention for a solid minute.

Sister is reading up a storm, which makes our shopping trips super fun. Ca Ca Ca aa aaa  aa Na Na Na...MOMMY IT SAYS CAN. 3 seconds later SSS ttttt ah ah ah Pa  pa...STOP mommy STOP! Yup, any 3 to 4 letter word is getting completely sounded out before we move onto any other aisle or product. She is still in her " i want to color everything for everybody stage" and spends hours coloring every night. She gave me a mothers day card and swears she meant to give it to me when she was 2 but couldn't fully execute it until she was 6. She is still the same momma's girl as always, having 3 meltdown episodes in the past 2 weeks when she either lost sight of me in a crowd ( a crowd of our friends) or missed me during school. It comes and goes. She had a doctors appt last week and she is growing taller and leaner but is still in the 20th percentile for both..little petite thing. She got the flu shot and she thought the world was going to end..she milked that sucker for all it was worth and showed off her bright pink band aid to anyone who had eyes. She is a very good listener at church and can tell you the ENTIRE story of Esau and Jacob..beginning with their dad Isaac and ending with Jacob returning and being embraced by Esau...and in depth too, its quite amazing. I wish she could remember to flush her poop every morning that she leaves in our toilet...but hey, gotta pick your battles.

Goober got his first real sport injury this past weekend. The pitcher nailed him in the inside of his foot when he was at bat and it left a nice bruise. He was actually pretty great about it and several bags of ice and some pain meds was all he needed to bounce back. He is still struggling with this thing called "sneakiness" and not telling us the truth. He really stinks at it though and we catch him every time...thats what I pray for, Lord let that child get caught while he is in my home so we can correct him before he gets out in the world. His grades are average, failing Latin right now..yup flat out failing but we have until Christmas to bring it up so he is sitting on the iPad taking Quizlets as we speak. Something about doing homework on a screen that makes it fun or hip or cool or wicked...whateves.

There was a day two weeks ago that all 3 kids got the belt from Adam...and to hear my friend (who was picking up her child that we watch after school) repeat it, is hysterical. Big Man had just poked her son in the eye with two fingers, very 3 stooges like, laughed at it and then had called someone poophead for the 50th time that day. Ribbit had given her whole class purple nurples and had refused to participate in Spanish, causing the whole class to cry along with her. Goober had hid a 22 on a test from us for 3 weeks and then blamed me for not checking his online report card. My friend said the whole house was a buzz, with whacks from the belt, kids holding their butt and screaming "No, No", crying, running, I was cooking dinner and packing up her kid while demanding apologies from my kids. She said she has just laughed and laughed at us but was glad her kid got to see that they aren't the only family who spanks and disciplines. I am glad it made someone laugh because those days are rough and we wonder if we will ever see the other side....or even just some good grades :).

Apparently my new phone and computer are syncing to share photos so I will post some of those later!

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