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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Beginning of Fall

We are trucking along just fine lately. Our kiddos have seem to get right back into their school routine. We are still struggling a little bit to make sure that all things get signed and not in the morning before school ;). Things are hopefully to get a lot easier though as my cousin, Chelsea will be moving in to be our nanny! She is going to stay home with Baby Boy and then help us with the older two after school. I teach 45 mins after Ribbit and Goober get out so this help us get them home with plenty of time to complete HW and unwind before we do dinner, any practices or church and then start our bedtime routine. It always seems rushed and unorganized in the mornings and the 5 o'clock hour so I am hoping an extra set of hands (especially to get dinner or laundry started :) will be so helpful. We love Chelsea and everyone is excited to welcome her into our home!
Momma has also been busy meeting her weight loss goals :). I ran 75 miles in August and it took every ounce of energy I could muster to meet that...running 5 miles 4 days in a row to make sure I met it! I also met my goal of winning our schools summer weight loss challenge. Today was our final weigh in and I won overall percentages!!!!! I'm so stinking proud that I finally lost the weight I put in once we got married. I rewarded myself with new running shoes :) and have already logged 4 miles and one weight training session in September! I want to set a good example for my kiddos to set goals..even if it means that I wake up at 5:00 every morning ( and I do) to get it all accomplished!
We are gearing up for baseball season for the both of the boys (first games are this weekend) and Ribbit is doing Cub Cheer here at our school. We have lots of church events coming up and we are also working on our home remodel on the weekends. We got the living room painted, curtains hung and closets cleaned out this weekend!
We are also in the thick of college football season and watched many games this weekend ..WAR EAGLE. We even watched one game at my brothers engagement dinner :). Chris FINALLY (just kidding) proposed to Micah on Thursday and surprised her with a trip to TX to celebrate with her family over the long Labor Day weekend. I am so happy for my brother and we could not have hand picked a better wife to encourage, love and complete him. They are smitten and I'm excited to see the wedding come together. Our kiddos are excited too to gain another aunt...well 3 aunts. Micah has two sisters, one who I'm already close to since I have taught her we are claiming them all since they live 15 minutes from us :). We had dinner with them on Saturday and I think the two families are going to blend just fine. I was in tears at the first toast to my brother and I'm so overwhelmed how God has shown off in his life!
Thats all for now. Here are some pictures:)
Here is how we spent our 4th of the lake with Adam's side of the family.
 Big Man going backwards off the slide.
 The cousins, Uncle Jason and the in the distance Goob and Will on the kayak!
 Captain trying to convince Ribbit to slide.

Baby Boy's turn
Nannie and Papa...two of the sweetest people I have ever met!
Snuggling with Nannie while he ate his dinner
We even got to go to Wayne and Judy's 50th wedding celebration..Baby Boy was obviously attentive.
Playing putt putt on our last night in Huntsville
She would rather pose with the fake smiles like real models :)

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