Sunday, September 14, 2014

September so far

I will never say cold front and hold up finger quotes as if to mock it again. We sat through two very chilly baseball games and one chilly/wet football game this weekend. Texas weather is in fact insane..i am sure tomorrow it will be 102 again.

Both boys started baseball this weekend, both at 8:00 am, clear across the park from each other. We took turns watching them relaying messages. Baby Boy just wanted to bat and then chase his ball and bring it back and start over. His coach would say "Baby Boy come here" and he would say "WHYYYY? I DAH PITCHER!!!". It was quite comical but he loved being like bubba and "pwaying bwast ball". Goober's highlights included a great stop as short stop and stealing home base to score!!! His team won by 1 point and he was pretty happy. He is opening pitcher for his next game on Tuesday night.

Ribbit participated in Cub Cheer this year. She got to hang out with the cheerleaders on Friday afternoon .They taught her cheers and a little dance that she performed at half time at the Varsity game on Friday night. She didn't care that it was super cold and there was a constant stream of mist pouring sideways at us. She owned that field :).

All kiddos are doing great. Chelsea has lived here exactly one week and I think we are all finding our places nicely. She is such a big help, doing dishes, helping clean and of course watching Baby Boy daily. She has the kids picked up from school and homework done 3 out of 5 days when I get home. They love her and we love her :). She is making decisions about her future and we are helping her look into some 2 year programs and getting her connections with some places where she might be able to volunteer and get some experience in the field she in interested in.

Adam is still working away at home and school. He is also in the thick of football season so I imagine our productive weekends will become a little less productive :).

I'm still running daily and strength training 2-3 days a week. I have received some bad comments lately about how my clothes are getting big and I'm going overboard with losing weight. I of course feel better then I ever have in my life and for once feel beautiful and proud of my body. It got to me thinking about how some people really can't be happy for your success. I personally haven't ever had any self discipline when it came to food and now that I have had success it that area and have learned how to push/challenge my body so that I actually feel good about myself I have found that long desired self discipline. It actually is pouring over into other parts of my life and I have been able to find a great routine, energy level and even some emotional stability with it. I can't think of one bad thing that comes out of eating right and exercising. These comments are coming from the same person who asked me if i had regrets about adopting my kiddos on the 2nd day of being a mom in front of my kids so I don't give it too much weight.....but it does make me want to encourage others who are trying to be their very best...even if its in an area of their life that I don't put much value on or that I myself struggle with. Plus, my husband will be the first to tell me if I am going overboard...and since I allow myself one cheat day a week...and BOY DO I USE IT..I think I will be fine. I just might need some new clothes :).

That comment and what my sweet boy wrote today in church all got me to thinking about this topic and so I felt like writing it out might help me process today in church our pastor spoke about Daniel..he is actually preaching through the book which is awesome since we are in the thick of our Daniel campaign at our school. "Raising up Daniels in the world of Babylon". He spoke about the 3 friends of Daniel going into the furnace, taking a stand and how Jesus came to them in their furnace. He also spoke about what the men told Nebuchadnezzar "we will not bow down and you can throw us in the furnace, and our God will save us, BUT IF NOT we will still serve Him"...But if not...that is what true faith in God is...loving and trusting God even if we are in the furnace!!! Now Big Man heard all that and this is what he wrote down for his sermon notes..."grown ups should be role models for kids". WOW. Thats right buddy. Me and Adam should be showing him how to stand, how to have "but if not" faith and how to search for Jesus in the fires of our life". I am so proud of this insight and hope that I am being a good role model to my kids through my faith, self discipline, love for my husband and many many other areas in my life!!

In honor of college football :)

That child will touch anything!

As he yelled "mommy, I goin to punch it down" the library.
Muscle Men!!!
Chic Fil A Dress like a Cow Day!!!..long lines in Alabama!!
Building Lego cars at the library.
Wallace Gilberry football camp
Mowing the lawn with Papa and Jad
Cheetos and sno cones at the ball park in Alabama.
Spa Night with CC
This little man wears himself out to the point of sleeping while he stands :)
A picture I will always kiddos with their great grandparents...actually their awesome great grandparents :)
They tend to wear Papa out too!
They basically sleep in whatever position they can in the summers :)
One of 3 bowls of ice cream he had at an ice cream social in the church where I grew up and where Adam and I got married!
Bowling with CC and Papa....Sister strikes another pose

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