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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Princess Time

One of Ribbit's bigger gifts from us this year (her want) was a princess tea party with mommy. She earned it with behavior stickers from school.

There is a super cute place about 20 minutes from us that has all kinds of princess costumes and a SUPER CUTE tea room ...all for little girls. While we were there I got a little carried away in all of the girliness and bought Ribbit a little christmas dress....that will also serve as a longer shirt with tights as she grows. I also bought a little tykes manger scene from there. We had a great time together and she talks about it all the time....I think this will become our birthday/christmas/any reason to celebrate gift for a while :). (especially since mommy gets a cupcake out of the deal).

This is the final dress she picked out...with jewels and shoes and a wand.
And its now complete with wings!
Showing me her shoes...she tried on EVERY pair exaggeration....but she wore the Cinderella light up shoes for the tea party.
 My little princess in the dress up area.....waiting for her hair, make up and nails to be done.
The tea room...super cute!
Picking out her pink nail polish....when the nice lady finished her nails she immediately kicked her shoes off and put her feet in her hands. A pedicure was not part of the package but the nice lady obliged :).
Hair done, glitter on, crown picking out her pink lipstick.
and pink eye shadow!
When the nice lady asked her if she wanted a glitter star or heart on her cheek she said "hmmm...both!" she got Both!!!
How do we eat our cupcakes with these fancy gloves on?
Thank you for bringing me mommy!!!
Now, can we PUH LEASE eat some cupcakes?

It was a very FUN FUN FUN time and I can't wait to take her back!

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