Sunday, January 13, 2013

Downton Abby

There are only two reasons why I don't blog. Its either A-I'm dead tired and when the kids go to bed I curl up beside Adam on the couch, he rubs my head and I go to bed....or B- because we have found a new series we love and since we have Netflix we watch one episode a night...the latter is true this time. We were already pretty obsessed with Season 1 of Downton but now we have access to Season 2...and holy moly is it just as part is-no curse words (except bloody considered a curse word to the British?) and there is no lovey dovey crazy stuff....its mentioned but never portrayed.

Ribbit has decided that we no longer are smart enough to come up with our own conversations. So she will say "Okay Mommy you say nofing"....then I will say " mommy, I love you" and then you will say "Ribbit, I love you too". This happens for 1/2 of our conversations that we have each day...most of the time if I don't respond the way she wants then she will encourage me to try her version better or if she needs to hear an I love you :).

We had a BIG pep rally at our school on Friday for Homecoming and all the students participated. Goober's group was cheering for the Fidelitas House so loud that I knew he was going to loose his voice. He and his friends were shouting and stomping and shaking was soo cute..he kept hiding from Adam and I so that we couldn't get a picture.

Mr. Man is into everything...climbing up into the dishwasher, up onto the fireplace....figuring out baby gates, etc. He is starting to refuse baby food so he now eats lots of vienna sausages, bananas, crackers, baby pasta pick ups, yogurt melts and some fruit....he loves apples!!! He also has learned how to clap and thinks he is just the best thing ever when he does :).

This next month is extremely busy and I am pretty overwhelmed by everthing that needs to happen before we leave for our cruise....leaving your life for 5 days is pretty hard...especially leaving behind your two youngest...I don't fear that they won't be taken care of...but I have pretty bad separation anxiety (right Dad, Mom and Adam???) and leaving Baby Boy and Ribbit for that long is making me super anxious.
I also dont' want to leave my students for 4 days...well I do in some ways :)...but I will miss them and I get worried about having a sub for art....its why I make myself go to school unless I am super sick...its hard to find a good sub for that knows enough so that you aren't having to leave busy work. I am using one of Goober's friends mother....she seems confident and SWEET enough so we shall see what I come back too :).

Alrighty, enough chit what everyone wants anyways right?

Here is a video of my dad playing his guitar and Goober playing his violin....sweet times!

A good summary of our vacation...Goober reading, Baby Boy with my dad and my Papa drinking cokes one after the other :). 

My brother...isn't he lovely?

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